Tutu Helper

With jailbreaks in short supply for all iOS users, developers have begun releasing alternatives to Cydia [ext link] that do not require a jailbreak. These alternatives are app installers, providing us with access to some of the Cydia tweaks and apps but many of them are limited. The latest is called TutuApp and it is packed with features, by far the most out of any of the app installers, including numerous Cydia Only tweaks and all the paid content you could want for free. You can’t download Tutu Helper from the iOS app store though; instead you need to use the Tutu Helper and install the configuration file directly to your iPhone or iPad. It is easy to do and we’re going to show you how to do it and how to overcome any problems during and after installation.

Image : Tutu Helper Download Tutorial

How to Download TutuApp Helper :

  1. Open Safari browser from the home screen of your iOS device 
  2. Go to this link [ Tutu Helper – ext link ]
  3. The TutuApp Helper page will open with lots of information about the installer. Have a read and then click on directly Install to iOS Device so that the configuration profile can be installed to your iPhone or iPad 
  4. Settings will open on the Install Profile page; tap on Install
  5. You may be asked to input your passcode; do so 
  6. Safari opens to a page with a link for Install TutuApp , click this link 
  7. You will be asked to confirm so tap on Install
  8. Settings opens again; tap Install > Next
  9. On the next page tap Install and on the last page click on Install > Done
  10. Wait until the configuration profile has installed onto your iOS device and then you can begin using TutuApp VIP

How to Fix Tutu Helper Errors :

Not many users are coming up against errors but those reports that are coming in seem to be one of two common ones, both of which are very simple to fix:

  • If you should see a Profile Installation Failed error, the fix is easy; click the linked article for more details
  • If you install an app that won’t run, you have a certificate error. To fix this, open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Click Trust beside the certificate for the app and it should now run 

What are your thoughts on TutuApp ? Will it be a good alternative for Cydia or are you happy to wait for a new jailbreak? Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates