Transfer Contacts iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or iTunes

If you are looking to sell your iPhone or have bought a new one you will want to remove the contacts from the old to the new one.  There is a very easy way to back up all of your contacts to move them from phone to phone without having to use iTunes or iCloud.  It’s an app called My Contacts Backup that will back up all of your contacts and let you send them by email in .vcf format.  Here’s how to transfer all of your contacts:

  1. Head over to the app store and pick up your free copy of My Contacts Backup from AppStore
  2. Download and then launch the app from your home screen. The first thing it will do is ask for permission to access your contact list – say yes, otherwise the exercise is pointless
  3. Now the app will make a backup of all of your contacts iphone-contacts-backup-Optimized
  4. When it has completed the backup, tap on email
  5. You will now see an email template on your screen that contains an attachments – this is where your contacts are stored, in .vcf format.  Type in the email address you want to send them to – do not delete this page until you are certain you have received the email
  6. Go to your email inbox and make sure it is there – not all email clients will allow emails with big attachments – if it isn’t there, go back to the email page and use a different address iphone-5-contacts-backup-email
  7. When it comes time to put your contacts back on your phone, all you need to do is open up the email on your iPhone, tap the attachment and all of your contacts will be restored to your new iPhone.

My Contacts Backup is available free or in a Pro version.  Both versions feature the ability to make your back up offline, easy restore system, choice of .vcf or .csv excel file format and both are fully compatible with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6+ firmware.



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