How to Spy on your Spouse iPhone Messages

With all the stories floating around about conversations being tapped and people being spied on, perhaps some of you may wonder what it’s like to be an NSA agent.  Thanks to iOS , you too can now be one of those who are feared and, possibly, loathed!  Yes, you too can now spy on your partners messages without the use of Tracking or Spy Software.

Image : Spying on your Spouse using iPhone

spy on your spouse iphone

For this to work you must both be using the same Apple ID and both phone numbers must be set under that Apple ID.  To check out whether this is the case.

Steps to Setup iOS Spy :

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Message
  3. Make sure you are signed in with the Apple ID and tap on Send and Receive 
  4. There you will see a list of the phone numbers associated with that specific ID
  5. Tap on your partner’s phone number
  6. Tap on the Heading “You can be reached by iMessage at” and check that your number is listed there ios 7 imessage (2)

This will tell you which phone numbers are linked to your ID.  If both you and your partner are using that Apple ID and your settings are correct you will now receive any text messages that are sent to your partner.  Test it out by sending a message yourself , if it appears on your phone, the settings are right.

Disclaimer :

All joking aside, it must be said that we do not advocate spying on other people.  As well as being an invasion of privacy it could turn out to be embarrassing!  It would appear that this feature has always been in iOS but something got mixed up and now, for all common ID’s that are shared with someone else, you will need to go in and manually change the settings so that you only receive what you should receive.

Image : Spied Messages on iOS iMessages

ios 7 imessage spy (1)

To do that, follow the steps above and, when you get to the last step, remove any numbers that you do not relate to your phone , i.e. if your spouse is listed under your phone number remove it.  And vice versa, or you could find the tables have been turned.

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  4. i added my friends email and my phone went completely blank whether it was because i had two emails already im not sure but i had to reenter my apple id to reactivate I message

  5. So, if I add my partners iMessage email information -- Will it show me tracking him? How about when I write a BRAND NEW iMESSAGE to ANYONE else but him/his contacts? I guess what I’m getting at is, is this basically just a 2-way mirror? Or is there any chance I get caught? We don’t use the same number/iMessage information…

    Please, just a little more clarification.

  6. Very well crafted Article. I just want to add few things here,Does this feature works on Ios 8 and its version. Few days back I bought one software named as SpymasterPro. It is a nice software to spy on an iphone. But for that I have to jailbreak my phone. I have contacted them whether it works without the jailbreak or not. Lets see what will they replied. BUt this is a very nice technique you have shared int his article.

    Keep on sharing nice stuff for geeks like me ….


  7. I have done this but my cuestion i a click start new conversation start from my phone number to recive her message but i dont know if shes able to recive mine too and know the im tracking her?

    1. If someone send me a massage she will recive it? Because i click her number and iknow my number is automatic choose, on the buttom i choose my number to start new conversation but i dont lnow if she can read my massages too. Did she have to set it up too to recive mine? We are not using icloud she put her phone number and a can choose it i dont know if doing this she can recive my massages too

  8. Hi
    If I put my emailadress instead of my phonenumber on my husbands phone Will I then get his IMessages? I know he’s cheating I just need the proof. And what about people who writes him. Will they be able to see that they are writing me as Well? Hope for a Quick answer I’m desperate. Please

  9. Does this only work if you both have iPhones? eg. I set this up on my partners iPhone as per your instructions, and add my phone number -- but I use a HTC phone. Will this work or do I need an iPhone too??

    1. Not actually! Some spy apps can support both iPhone and Android. If your HTC is android operating system, you can download it to have a try firstly!

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