SnapChat has to in the top 5 of all social media apps and, while it is a decent app with plenty of features, there is a way to get more. SnapChat++ is a modified version of the official app for iOS devices and it contains features that have never been included in the official version. You are not going to get SnapChat++ [ext link] from the iOS app store but, on the other hand, neither do you need to jailbreak to install it.

Image : SnapChat ++ Download

We will be showing you how to install SnapChat++ on your iOS device quite easily using Cydia Impactor [ext link] but first, let’s look at the features that the app offers.

SnapChat++ Features :

  • No jailbreak required for SnapChat++
  • SnapChat++ works on iOS 8 through to iOS 11 [ ext link ]
  • the app gives you a way of increasing your record strength 
  • You also get a variety of customizations to choose from for the launch view and notification sounds
  • You can set up spoof locations
  • And a good deal more

There are a couple of things to be aware of. Because SnapChat++ is a modified app, we cannot take any responsibility should your account other official app be suspended or closed because the developers have found out you are using a modification. Also, if you update the official app while using the modified version, you may find that SnapChat++ is removed from your device and you will need to reload it. The best way around that is, if you are using SnapChat++, delete the official app first.

Is SnapChat++ Safe to Install ?

You could be wondering since you can’t get SnapChat++ from the iOS app store, just how safe it is to install. The answer to that is, it is very safe. The developers have put the app through the wringer, thoroughly testing it for malicious code and for stability before they released it for general use. This ensures that it is perfectly safe and you will not experience any trouble by using SnapChat++.

How to Install SnapChat++ :

SnapChat++ is easy to install and you can find a fully detailed guide, along with all the other information you need, by clicking on the link below:

Do you use the official SnapChat app ? Will you be giving the modified version, SnapChat++ a try ? Do let us know how you get on and what you think of it and for more tutorials and all the updated news, follow us on Facebook .