Panda Helper

Its looking very much like Apple has finally carried through on their promise to stop jailbreaking in its tracks. Ever since they pushed iOS 10 out, complete with new security features, and insisted on throwing us new updates every few weeks, the number of jailbreak utilities has fallen significantly. Now most of the jailbreak community can no longer install Cydia but help was at hand with TutuApp, a third-party app installer that offered access to some tweaks and other iOS content. Now there is an alternative, one that offers a greater choice of content and its name is Panda Helper.

Image : Panda Helper

What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper [ext link] is the latest app installer that is providing an alternative solution to Cydia. With some Cydia-only apps, modified game and apps and loads of paid apps for free, Panda Helper is one of the most comprehensive of all the installers. You don’t need a jailbreak, anyone can use it and you get all the following features:

Panda Helper Features :

  • No need to jailbreak first 
  • Works on all iOS devices, irrespective of iOS version
  • Supported on Android devices
  • Packed with paid apps and games all for free 
  • Lots of Cydia tweaks and modified apps and games like Instagram++ and Pokémon Go++
  • Updated every day with new games and apps
  • Get notified when one of your apps or games is ready to be updated
  • All updates can be done through Panda Helper
  • Easy to download and even easier to use
  • Loads more features

How to Download Panda Helper:

Downloading Panda Helper isn’t as simple as going to the app store for an app and neither will you find this in there; Apple is a bit fussy about what gets into the store. This is safe to use though, and we’ve provided you with a full guide on downloading, as well as information on how to delete Panda Helper if you need to:

One of a long line of third-party installers, Panda Helper is proving to be a popular one. It offers many more features than some of the others and definitely offers a wider range of choice than some However, no matter how much it offers, it can’t replace Cydia in its entirety so don’t be too disappointed when you find that it doesn’t have quite the same depth and you cant get all the tweaks you could in the jailbreak store. Panda Helper is free to use although there is a paid version as well. You must decide if paying for a few extra features is worth it or if the free version will suffice.

For now, we can’t see another jailbreak being released but that could change at any time. We don’t know what the jailbreak developers are working on and we won’t know until they are ready to tell us. While we wait, give Panda Helper a go, tell us how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more of the latest news and updates.