Long gone are the days when we could install jailbreaks and Cydia tweaks onto our devices without having to go around the houses first. By this, we meant that most of you have probably noticed that, with jailbreaks like Yalu Jailbreak, we are having to use Cydia Impactor to install it. Cydia Impactor signs the apps for you which means Apple doesn’t and, although we can still install these apps, Apple will soon take them away by revoking the app certificates. The same goes for any apps that you install using an app installer, like Emus4U, vShare, AppValley [ext link] and Emus4iOS. Within 7 days of you installing any app, the certificate will be revoked, and your apps will crash.

Image : NessTool Download Tutorial

This is nothing short of irritating as it stops us from just getting on with the jailbreak or our apps but there is a way to get around this. A new tool, by the name of NessTool, has just been released. It works much the same way as Anti Revoke [ext link] which is only for TutuApp [ext link] user, in that it will stop Apple from revoking the certificates. This leaves you able to use the apps uninterrupted whenever you want to. Be aware – this certificate revocation is not limited to Cydia Impactor or other independent apps. Apple will also revoke the certificates for modified apps, like Spotify++ and SnapChat++.

How Does NessTool Work ?

Simply by installing a VPN onto your iOS device. On download, you will be asked to give permission for NessTool [ext link] to create a configuration on your device – you must do this otherwise NessTool isn’t going to work. When you give this permission, the VPN is created and NessTool will begin working straight away, providing full protection for all your app certificates. When Apple attempts to verify them, the VPN will block Apple from seeing the certificates and this means they can’t revoke them.

Do note, NessTool is only active on apps that you install before you put NessTool onto your iPhone or iPad. Any that are installed after will not be covered and, as such, you will need to delete NessTool and reinstall it. Don’t worry about it taking up space on your device either; it takes little and it doesn’t use up your resources either, so you get to work away, fully protected, with no trouble.

Are you going to install NessTool ? It is worth it if you regularly download these independent apps and jailbreaks so tell us how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more updates