One of the most popular pastimes for iOS users is watching movies and TV shows on the go and that means needing to find a decent iOS app that works. MovieBox is that app, a fully featured media app with a ton of content including plenty of Full HD movies. Even better, if you have an internet connection, you don’t need to download first , you can just choose and stream your TV show or movie.

Image : MovieBox Download Tutorial

In a while, we will be providing you with full details on how to download and install MovieBox but there are two things we need to tell you first:

  1. Good news, you don’t need Cydia to download MovieBox 
  2. You can’t get it from the iOS app store, but you can download it very easily. Apple won’t allow anything that deviates from their guidelines into the store but, although MovieBox doesn’t make the grade in their eyes, it is safe to use, and we’ll be telling you how to download it through an installer called Emu4iOS 

How to Download MovieBox :

For those not used to downloading an app in this way, it might seem like quite a complicated method. Provided you follow all the steps carefully, it isn’t hard; the only reason we have to do it this way is that we can’t get the app from the app store and it’s the only way that we can bypass the security that Apple has in place. One more thing , new users are liable to come up against a problem whereby MovieBox won’t work. Don’t worry because this is very easy to fix, and we’ll talk about it more later.

  1. Using the steps at the link, Download Emu4iOS [ full tutorial ]
  2. Open Emu4iOS and type MovieBox [ext link ] into the search bar
  3. Let the search complete and then tap the correct result , the one that goes with your iOS version
  4. A download message will pop up; tap on Download and then a confirmation box will appear ,  tap Install to confirm that you do want MovieBox.
  5. Leave your iPhone or iPad until MovieBox has finished installing and then close it down  
  6. The MovieBox icon is on your home screen and you can start using it ,  simply tap to open and choose your movie or show

How to Fix MovieBox Errors :

New users may come up against an error with MovieBox, an Unknown Source Error that stops MovieBox from working.   This is a very simple error and it only happens because this is a World of Enterprise profile and Apple does not recognize those. You need to tell Apple that you are happy to allow these certificates to run and here’s how:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management 
  2. Find the certificate causing the error, tap on it and then tap on Trust
  3. Close down Setting’s and try to open MovieBox again , it will now work

To avoid this error, simply follow these steps after you install MovieBox and before you try using it

A second error will plague all users but, again, there is a very easy fix. The error will occur when MovieBox crashes and stops working within a couple of days of installation. This happens because Apple revokes all certificates that they don’t sign or see as valid and because you downloaded this using Emu4iOS, that’s what they will do. To prevent this happening, simply downloads Anti Revoke on your device. This protects the certificates and stops Apple revoking them.

MovieBox Alternative :

If you can’t get on with MovieBox or want to try something else, there is another similar app that you can try:

  • CinemaBox

CinemaBox is much like MovieBox in that it allows you to stream your favorite movie or TV show to your iPhone or iPad. With Chromecast support, you can stream your viewing choice directly to a larger screen like a TV or, if you prefer not to stream immediately, you can download the show or movie and watch it later offline. There is a Kids mode for when younger children are watching something and, with full support for both Android and iOS, the app has a much wider audience. If you want to find out how you can download CinemaBox without having to jailbreak first, click the given link.

You can also install MovieBox by jailbreaking so download Yalu jailbreak on your device, open Cydia and download MovieBox as you would any Cydia app.

Tell us what your thoughts on MovieBox are and whether you run into any trouble downloading it. TO stay up to date with all the latest news, follow us on Facebook.