Moto G Slow after Few Months of Use – Fix Slow Moto G Issue

The Moto G was first released in November 2013 to some of the developing markets. Just last month, Motorola released the updated version but there are still many people using the original version.

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moto g android slow fix

A quick scan of the internet reveals that, like many smartphones, this one isn’t without its issues. One, which seems to be affecting some users, is that, all of a sudden, after using their Moto G for several months, it has suddenly gone slow for no apparent reason.

One user complained that his Moto G had gone really slow despite there being plenty of free space on the device. He stores no music or videos on it, only a small handful of photos. He also wants to know if there is a similar system to iTunes for Android that can be used to restore everything back to how it should be.

Luckily, there is a way to fix this issue and to back up your Moto G so you don’t lose anything .

Follow the steps to backup your Moto G Data First :

To back up your Moto G, use a piece of software called Helium. You will need to download the Android version and one for your PC as well.

Clear Cache and Fix Slow Moto G :

  1. Now go into Recovery Mode Menu :
  2. Open Settings > Storage and tap on Cached Data to clear it moto g slow fixmoto g slow
  3. Turn the Moto G off and hold the Volume Down key for a couple of seconds
  4. Press the POWER button and release it
  5. From the BOOT Options select RECOVERY
  6. You should now see the Motorola Logo followed by an Exclamation Mark
  7. Hold the VOL UP key for about 10 seconds and simultaneously tap the POWER key
  9. Your Moto G should reboot normally and work at normal speed

Follow the on-screen advice and make sure you open both the PC and the Android versions to enable them.  If you face any problems let us know in the comments box below and we will do our best to help you.

Update : One of our users Alex Ong pointed us about an android app that can do the above steps with a single tap and even more easily using Android Clean Master Phone Boost App [link] .

clean master phone boost

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  1. Helium is not good. I downloaded to PC and phone and installed drivers but it will NOT recognize the phone. 🙁

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