iPhone 5 wont Turn On – Black Screen

If your iPhone won’t turn on and all you are faced with is a blank screen, don’t panic and toss it in the bin. Depending on why it won’t turn on, it isn’t necessarily beyond help.  Try one of these tips first .

Turn on | Restart :

iphone 5 black screen restart switch off

Make sure your iPhone isn’t just off;  hold the power button for a couple of seconds. If you see the Apple logo, let it boot up.  If you see the turn off slider, turn it off and the restart it again.  If nothing happens at all, go to the next step.

Home and Power Buttons :

Hold down the power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds or more.  You should see the Apple logo and all is well. If you don’t see it after 30 seconds, move on the next step.

Put your iPhone on Charge :

When the battery on an iPhone gets too low, the phone will switch off and won’t turn back on again. This is so that the battery can keep hold of your settings and data.

iPhone 5 battery low charge

  1. Put the iPhone on charge and leave it for a while.  Eventually you will see the charging indicator, red to start with – this is an indicator that the battery had run too low.  Let it charge fully.
  2. If it doesn’t work but you think your battery is low anyway, try another charger.
  3. Check that the connector dock has not got dirt in it as this will stop it from charging.

Restore :

Not the ideal situation as it will delete everything on the iPhone but sometimes this is the best way. Hopefully you’ve been doing regular backups.

itunes restore

  1. Connect the USB cable to your phone and press on the Home button
  2. Now connect the cable to your computer.
  3. iTunes should open, detect the iPhone in recovery mode and give you the option of restoring.


If your iPhone will start but not boot properly put it into DFU mode and reset it.

how to dfu mode iphone 5

  1. Hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  2. Let go of Power button and keep holding until recovery mode message appears in iTunes
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your iPhone

Proximity Sensor :

Sometimes the proximity sensor in your iPhone can go malfunction, causing the screen to turn off.  Try this method to repair it:

  1. Restart your iPhone as in the first step
  2. Open Settings > General > Reset and Reset all settings
  3. Tap to confirm.




  1. Thanks a lot for your help, it really worked my phone had blaked out totally but it’s now working, after following Agee steps as guided here!

  2. HEY ive been kinda having the same issue but evrything works but the screen is black so if i try to reboot it or go to recovery mode the screen is just black so you cant see the screen at all. not even the apple log. i dont know what to do. suggestions?

  3. Okay, so i tried all that and it didnt work. and the only way to start it up again is if i restore it and lose all my pictures that arent backed up on icloud! does anyone know a different way?? (:

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    1. Same I have tried these steps loads and for the last 4 days my phone has done nothing. not 1 step did anything and when I tried to leave it on charge it just over heated but I only left the phone for around a hour so im not quiet sure what is happening

  5. Thanks , my Iphone 5c went blank but after i hold down the buttons it just came up in few seconds …GREAT STUFF !!!!

  6. Thanks for that jailbreak! My life just turned inside out for a few moments! My Iphone is my everything so without it I am nothing! 😉 Problem resolved.

  7. Hi,
    This happened to me and I have done everything but connected to itunes and I have chromebook and it won’t download itunes app. and my phone still is black. It vibrates, alerts me of texts and notifications but no screen. Any ideas

  8. Omg I highly recommend this to any of iphone 5s holders. my iphone turned off and turned to a blank screen. I kept holding down the power button but nothing happened so I came onto this advice site and every step turned my iphone back on! it was amazing how it completely followed the instructions of this and turned on!
    im so happy thanks a lot!!!
    highly recommended 🙂

    1. great to hear we could help. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get regular iPhone related news and tutorials . We are going to open a “ask me” section so readers could ask us solution for their troubles .

      cheers .

  9. Thank you soo much I was seriously worried that I was going to have to buy a new phone but thanks to your hints and tips my phones working perfectly

  10. I jailbroke my iPhone 6 running IOS 8.0.2 and everything was perfect but then my iPhone screen turned black and I couldn’t get it back on! I held the power button, I tried holding the home and power buttons…nothing worked! I then decided to hold down the home button and the power button for 5 minutes straight and it turned back on! Hope this helped someone that is in the same boat that I was in!

    1. I cant do that because my turn off button wont work its stuck! 🙁 i dont know what to do i guess i have to buy a new phone and toss my black screen phone! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. My iPhone 5 just started changing saved icons on my home screen to a particular website while I was texting.
    I went into the safari settings and cleared al cookies and data (probably didn’t have to, but I thought that website was controlling it, so I figured I had to get rid of that data first and I lost all open pages I was using and now can’t locate.
    After that, I tried to turn my phone off but it blinked white careen then immediately went to black and I couldn’t see anything.
    I pushed the home button to see if Siri worked and she did so I knew it was still on.
    I attempted several times to turn it off and slide the red bar that normally appears at the top, without the visual of the red bar, but it wouldn’t work.
    I found your recommendation herein to hold the power and home buttons for 10 seconds, took more like 20, and then the iTunes and plug pic showed up.
    Instead of resetting since I didn’t want to go to such an extreme initially, I simply let the buttons go then tapped that screen and held the home button again.
    WHEW! Apple logo came up.
    I believe somehow through playing around with the buttons and attempting to shut it off again, it finally did shut off and restart.
    Once restarted, the icons that had previously changed had been restored to the originally saved icons on my home screen.
    Safari pages still gone though.
    Better outcome than I had anticipated.
    Thank you for your help and I hope this helps someone else.
    I’d love to know your feedback if this post helped you in particular.


  12. okay so i dropped my phone it didnt even crack or anything but the screen went black and i try and press the home and screen button like 30 secs and even charged it for an hour and nothing 🙁 idk what to do

  13. This happened with my iPhone 6 plus and I freaked put because I haven’t had it for barely more then a month and it started turning on and off by itself and if I have to buy another phone my parents would kill me I’m typing this on my windows tablet I am having to reset my phone which I really didn’t want to do cause I’ve gotten so far on most of my games

  14. Go to DFU mode if ur jailbroken iPhone acting up and does not seem normal(ie stuck on apple logo or your entire screen got wiped out) and restore from there. It’s recommanded to download all the updates on the computer or you’re in for a long five hour wait like I am experiencing right now with this stupid fucking hell sonabitch goddammn stupid shit 1bps fucking network. YES I’M USING A TOASTER FOR FUCKING SAKES FUCK MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  15. As most people my iPhone 4 was working fine for a day and just now it just went black it still vibrates and makes the charger sound when plugged in but still a black screen someone help me
    Pls ah 🙁

  16. OMG! Thank you so much for this valuable advice.
    My iphone didn’t turn on and I thought I’d have to buy a new one and I’m already on a 2 year contract plus the inconvenience of going without a mobile for 2 or more weeks. I was worried sick.
    But your simple instruction worked. Appreciate this so much!!

  17. Thank you for this info. I was all set to visit a service center to have my iPhone5s repaired when I decided to do some last minute Googling. Since my iPhone’s warranty expired last Aug. 13th, I have saved some precious $$$ for this quarter-minute procedure. You’re the man! Panicking, which I did, doesn’t help indeed. And I have learned a lesson: First thing to do, Google for the symptoms/problems of the phone, not for the service centers. LOL!

  18. Hi I have had a similar problem i have got the battery with the red lines on it appears when you click the home button and then the screen goes off black. The phone has been on charge in the usb port of my laptop for an hour now and i thought that would have given it abit of charge. i even went and bought a new usb cable and still nothing. I went to apple only 3 weeks ago due to the screen not working and they gave me a new phone as still in warranty i am debating taking it back there. How long would you suggest that it normally takes to charge and you are able to turn your phone on? Thank you

  19. I have tried all of those. Nothing works. It randomly powered off and went black while sitting on the table. I tried plugging it in. I tried holding the buttons. I tried connecting it to the computer … Nothing works..
    Any other ideas?

  20. Ditto what Barry said today! I was getting really flustered trying to figure out why my screen was black and WOULD NOT come back on!!! I have only had it 3 months so I was getting pretty irritated! Thanks for the help!

  21. You have no idea how happy I was when the Apple Logo appeared on my screen after 8 hours of BLACK SCREEN! THANKS! 🙂

  22. What A Great Solution. Solved my Black Screen Problem with Iphone5 with in 3 Minutes.
    Thank You So much.

  23. so my power button on my iphone 5 stopped working 2 months ago and ive been using the assistive touch to turn the screen off since then.

    tonight, i was updating an app and all of a sudden my home button stopped working and the phone went all black.

    i know the phone is at 100% charge, when someone calls, the phone rings, when i plug it in, itunes DOES recognize the phone, however since the screen is black, and i cannot turn off ‘findmyiphone’ off, i cant restore to a previous back up, nor can i send to the phone to DFU mode.

    PLEASE HELP!!!! i have no idea what to do!!


    1. I m facing an problem coz f blank screen nothing appears on the screen it was ringing when all this happened… but now m nt able to get any sound and m nt knowing whether my phone is on or off

  24. i did this and restored my phone but its vibrating and its just white instead of black now. What does it mean or do or what can i do???

  25. my iphone have a that it is on but screen lock totally blank or black but iphone still means vibration button or calls cuming but screen look blank or blank ANY ONE KNOWS THE SOLUTION

  26. We replaced a faulty batt in my iphone 5 yesterday. It went well. Now the power and home buttons don’t work. I get calls, and messages, the alarm went off this morning but can’t turn off or go to home page. Can anyone help?

  27. my phone wont turn on i tired to plug it in to the charger but still nothing. and i held the home and power bottom too. its not dead i was just using it and them it went off and i dont know how to fix it…i NEED HELP PLEASE!

  28. Pls.helpme…my iphone 4s got only black screen cant charge,no apple logo or anything just a pure black screen….i run the dfu mode but suddenly interupt and got unplug the cable then its only black screen …i run a couple switch then the home button …but it doesn’t work…..pls helpme!!!

  29. I smashed my phone so I got my screen replaced and now it won’t turn on I’ve plugged it in to charge and into the computer but even iTunes won’t recognise it I don’t know what to do.

  30. I have a 5s that has only black screen will not charge or do anything just black screen only 8 weeks old

  31. im having mini paralysis right now,just found this site, my phone went off nd im pretty sure it was battery, im trying to charge for 30 minutes or more nd nd then try all options, i hope it turns out good.

  32. I tried all off these and it still got a black screen like it is turnd of it whent black when I was on the phon with ten percent battrie I tried all the above now tried connecting 2 laptop and still not working nothing cumming up on laptop but if I do it wid I pad and other iphon it pops up straight away saying it’s been connected phons been on charge I’m stuck and getting p of summone help plz

    1. Hi there just wanna know how you went with this? Iphone repair seems skmilar to.mine however the aplle logo flashes on and off when the charger is plugged in

  33. I’ve done all this and still got a black screen like its of I connected to the computer wid USB but nothing coming up on the laptop

  34. My iPhone 5’s screen suddenly went black like its off but it’s ringing when calls come in and it vibrates when I plug in the charger. I’m almost freaking out. Could someone help me out. Tried switching it off but it’s not off.

  35. Hi

    I’ve tried ALL of these options and am still left with a black screen. Also, when I plug the phone into the charger (even though I’m sure its fully charged already) the phone vibrates intermittently?


    1. That’s the battery. It’s most likely loose. My husband’s phone had the same issue, I opened it up, disconnected and reconnected the battery and that did it.

  36. Ok it started my iphone 5 would drop down to 49% a couple times, then it turned off but it turned right back on but this time it jus stayed off so I open my iphone and seen that my battery started to melt a little But did not leak out, and then the plug in low battery came on the screen but after that nothing so I got another battery and replaced it, then I charged my iphone for about 7 hours and still nothing it will not turn on at all so maybe someone out there had the same problem.
    iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.6

  37. Brilliant, thanks. Was getting quite concerned and frustrated , now all is good with the world 🙂

  38. My phone blacked out after installing the update. It’s not responding to simultaneously pressing power and home buttons. Anything else I can do besides resetting it?!

  39. It has happend twice to my 5C, yesterday and today. I think it has to do with the update of the iOS 🙁

    1. This is the first time it happened to my 5c, and I downloaded the 7.0.6 IOS update yesterday.. does it come back on?

  40. Thank you almost went to get the screen replaced for a couple of hundred $$ until I did a bit of research !!

  41. Thank you very much
    My iphone 5s gone in black screen
    till I use your tip to Hold home and power button for 10 sec

  42. thanks for the instructions. i had my iphone on and it just went off and wouldn’t turn on so i let it charge to 100% and still wont turn on and i was worried that it was ruined until i googled the problem and i saw this website.holding the home and power button for 10 seconds is better than restoring it.

  43. Thank you. Great instructions! I held the home and on button to a count of 15 seconds before I saw the Apple logo.

  44. I need help!!! when I plug in my iphone 4 to a charger it will vibrate and every thing but the screen will not light up… I have tried everything I can think of but nothings working. please help

  45. OMGGGGG!! thank you!!! i panicked! my iPhone 5s just blacked out!!i left it on charge and kept trying to turn it on!! after i read this i pressed the home an power bottom for 20s and it came on, almost had a heart attack for one second :’)

  46. Thanks so much. It’s good to know there is always someone out there a lot smarter than me to help me with these problems. Thanks again.

  47. hey, my IPhone 5 is on and siri responds and everything like that but the screen is not lighting up. i can still pick up calls but the screen won’t light up even when people are calling me. i have tried everything to to get the screen to work but nothing will work. What should i do?

  48. Thank You, my husband was ready to reset the battery, it did not look like an easy task when I found this site. The phone is back to working order and no missing screws to find.

  49. thank you so much you gave me a relief i just bought my iphone 5s and it turn black i dont know what to do,,its good thing ive seen your page…thank you so much

  50. splease any more suggestion will be appreciated, i use iphone 5c, it has been off for 2 days now, i have tried charging and also tried to make it restore but still not turning on

  51. Thank you so much My IPhone5s went black and after 1 hour I tried holding the 2 buttons (home and power) then held the home for more seconds connected to my computer and screen came back. Thank God for your advice!

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