IPA Library

For many, jailbreaking is a dim and distant memory, with only a small percentage of users able to install any jailbreak since iOS 10. With iOS 11 firmly underway, things are not likely to get any better and utilities look set to become further and further apart. The only one we do have is Yalu and that is only supported on 64-bit iPhones on iOS 10. Luckily, we do have some decent third-party app installers to use, many offering some Cydia content and other modified apps and games and today we are going to look at IPA Library.

Image : IPA Library Download Tutorial

What is IPA Library ?

IPA Library [ext link] provides us what Apple doesn’t , a way to download IPA files and get them signed so that we can use them without having to go through the iOS app store. Much like an app store, IPA Library is full of modified IPA files, like Instagram++, Spotify++ and Pokémon Go++, and none of them require you to jailbreak first.

IPA Library Features :

  • Free to download and use
  • Simple instructions for downloading
  • You don’t need Cydia 
  • Works on IOS 9 to iOS 11 on all supported devices
  • Lots of IAP files to choose from
  • Choose from loads of ++ apps, modified with extra content, like Snapchat++, Spotify++ and Pokémon Go++
  • Download a few Cydia tweaks
  • Choose from millions of paid apps for free
  • Updated regularly with new apps
  • Existing apps are updated regularly

How to Download IPA Library :

Although downloading IPA Library is very simple, you will not find it in the app store. Instead, you need to follow our download tutorial, which you will find at the link below, and you must follow it carefully to ensure success

IPA Library is one of a long line of installers now, all being released to help out those who cannot download Cydia [ext link] at the moment. It joins the likes of AppValley, TutuApp, Emu4iOS and many others in offering a small amount of what Cydia did but without the requirement to jailbreak first.  And, add to that the support that has now been added for the Android devices and IPA library has a huge potential audience.

Right now, we are not expecting to hear any news about a jailbreak, at least not in the very near future. Everything has gone very quiet for now, but should that change, and we hope it does, you will be the first to know provided you follow us on Facebook.