iOS 11 Jailbreak

iOS 11 download [ext link] is official and, if Apple sticks to their normal timetable, we can expect to see it rolled out to all devices in September. The developers now have their hands on the first beta and there are likely to be several more over the next few months as the iOS firmware is tweaked and improved, with all bugs ironed out.  In the meantime, hopefully, there will be fewer updates to iOS 10 and the jailbreak teams may be able to produce a new iOS 10 jailbreak for us but, for now, let’s look at what iOS 11 is bringing our way.

Image : iOS 11 Jailbreak

iOS 11 Features :

  • Siri is updated with new functions
  • The Maps app gets a couple of new features, including Indoor mapping
  • The Photo and Camera apps are updated
  • A new File app allows for easy browsing of files, no matter where they are stored
  • An overhaul to the iOS app store 
  • New features to the lock screen, control center, and notification center
  • New Apple Pay App with P2P iMessage integration
  • And a lot more

iOS 11 Jailbreak Update :

The jailbreak community is well aware that iOS 10 has proven difficult in terms of jailbreaking, with the only utility available being Yalu. This came to us from Luca Todesco, a highly surprising source considering he has always claimed he will never get involved in public jailbreaking. However, despite Yalu Jailbreak [ext link] being limited, there is a percentage of the jailbreak community who will always remain grateful to him despite the fact that he won’t be updating the tool any further.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

So, what can we expect for iOS 11 in terms of an iOS 11 jailbreak [ext link] ? Obviously, we are not in a position to answer that question just yet. iOS 11 has only been announced and is not going to be released until sometime in September, provided Apple sticks to their usual release schedule. We have several beta versions ahead of us and we have no doubt that, despite silence from the jailbreak teams, that they will all be working hard on the betas. However, it won’t be known until nearer release time if they think that they will be able to provide a jailbreak for us and, if they can, it won’t be released until after iOS 11.

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