iOS 11.2.1 Jailbreak

iOS 11.2.1 download [ext link] has now been released but we can’t expect a jailbreak anytime soon. While it’s good that Apple is set on keeping their firmware free of bugs and other issues, it is also causing problems for the jailbreak developers in that it is getting harder to find the exploits to build a working utility. There are a lot of iOS users that are missing Cydia, missing their favorite tweaks and modifications and, although there are some app installers available, they don’t all offer everything that we are looking for. We are all well aware that jailbreaks are not a given but we have been given so many in recent years that the sudden drought has brought the community to a standstill.

Image : iOS 11.2.1 Jailbreak Download

Although there is no sign of a jailbreak at the moment, it isn’t for the want of trying. At the various technical conferences that take place around the world every year, several jailbreaks have been shown off but not one of them has been released as a fully working utility. And the lack of contact with any of the well-known teams we came to rely on, like Taig or Pangu, doesn’t raise any hopes either so, unless an unknown team appears with a jailbreak, we can only hope that Yalu is going to be updated with support for iOS 11.2.1 at some time.

Or maybe an iOS 10 jailbreak will be released; given that Apple is now concentrating their attention firmly on iOS 11, there is always the possibility that an older exploit has been left unattended and that will suit anyone who couldn’t or didn’t update to iOS 11. Really and truthfully, right now, we don’t have any other news for you on the subject of an iOS 11.2.1 jailbreak [ext link].

Image : Cydia iOS 11.2.1

iOS 11.2.1 Jailbreak Alternatives :

While we may not have a jailbreak to install at the moment, we are not without options. Some very good app installers have been doing the rounds, each offering a little bit of Cydia but without having to jailbreak first. While they can’t offer it all to us they are enough to give us something to go on while we wait out the next jailbreak and both of these two installers have been updated with full support for iOS 11.2.1 :

  • Emu4iOS

Emu4iOS is one of the more unique app installers. Not only is it offering a decent selection of paid and premium apps for free, it also offers lots of games emulators. These are one of the most missed features about Cydia, the ability to download and play console games on our iOS devices and this is the first time these emulators have been made available outside of a jailbreak. Add to that the modified apps and the Cydia tweaks and you have a comprehensive app installer. Find out how you can download Emu4iOS by checking out the given link

  • Extensify

Extensify doesn’t offer any Cydia tweaks but it does bring us a popular function form the jailbreak store. Extensify allows you to install tweaked versions of stock iOS apps, giving you, essentially, new apps with extra features, one of the only app installers to do this. This way, you can run both the stick and the modified versions of each app on your device at the same time. If this is something that interests you, follow the link to find out how to download Extensify .

With no jailbreak, these are the best we have and, while they are not Cydia replacements they are decent solutions for the interim so give them a go and tell us what you think and follow us on Facebook for more up to date news