How to Know if iPhone 5 is Factory Unlocked and Jailbroken

Confused about whether your iPhone 5 has been jailbroken ? Has it been unlocked ? Here’s how to tell:


  1. First, look at the icons on your Home Screen. If there is one there for Cydia (brown icon 5th row in the image below) then it has been jailbroken. iphone 5 jailbreak 6.1.3
  2. Certain jailbreak tools will replace the Apple logo you see on start-up with a different one, maybe a skull or the more familiar pineapple logo.
  3. If there are any unusual apps on the home screen try finding them in the App store – if you can’t then they’ve come from a third-party site, in which case the iPhone has been jailbroken.



  1. The obvious way to find out if your iPhone 5 has been unlocked is to place a SIM card in it that is not from the original carrier. If it works then it’s unlocked. Try it with a variety of different carrier SIM cards to make sure. An locked phone will show “No Sim Card Installed” error message and will ask you to insert a valid sim card .iphone 5 no sim card installed
  2. Check your IMEI number – there are a few internet sites that will do this at a small charge. Go to Settings > General > About to get your IMEI number, input it on your chosen site and then wait – you should get an almost instantaneous answer. iphone 5 imei number
  3. If you have bought your iPhone 5 brand new, the receipt will tell you if it is factory unlocked. If you are buying second-hand ask to see the receipt.

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