How to Jailbreak iPhone

This is the root page for jailbreaking all your iOS devices . You can follow the links below to jailbreak your iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini and Apple TV .

Image : iOS Jailbreak on iPhone 6

ios 8 jailbreak iphone 6

What is Jailbreaking ?

Jailbreaking is the process of accessing the root system of an iOS device. Effectively, by using a piece of specially built software, you are breaking your way out of the security prison that Apple locks you in.  The California-based Company are somewhat strict on what they will let you do with your iOS device, thus the need for jailbreaking. Once the software has been applied, exploits are used to gain access deep inside the iOS, thus allowing for modification and customization of your device, way beyond what Apple wants you to do.

Image : Taig Jailbreak in action [Image Credits]


What is Cydia :

Cydia is the jailbreak version of the iOS App store. It can only be installed on your device when you jailbreak. Cydia was developed shortly after the iPhone 2G was released in 2007 and was actually the first app store; Apple did not open theirs until later on.  Cydia was the project of a developer named Saurik, otherwise known as Jay Freeman, and it was developed to give the new jailbreak apps a home.  It now houses thousands of apps, tweaks, themes and modifications, covering just about everything you could think of relating to your iOS device.  Cydia was named after the Cydia Pomonella, or the Codling Moth. This is a fruit pest tha burrows into apples and is commonly used in cartoon depictions of the worm in the apple.

Image : Latest version of Cydia running on iPhone 6 plus

cydia ios 9 iphone 6 plus

What are the Advantages of Jailbreaking ?

The advantages of jailbreaking number many. First and foremost, it is a completely legal process, giving you the satisfaction of being able to modify your device, against Apple’s wishes, but within the law.  Secondly, jailbreaking gives you thousands of different ways to modify and customise your iOS device. You can change the look by installing themes, icon packages, and icon masks. You can change the way your device functions by downloading and installing any number of tweaks and modifications including old favorites like SBSettings, Activator and Auxo. iPhone 5s users can do more with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor thanks to a number of specific tweaks that have landed in Cydia in recent weeks. Really and truthfully, there isn’t a great deal you can’t do with a jailbroken iOS device.

Image : iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps

ios 8 jailbreak apps

What are the Disadvantages ?

There aren’t any real disadvantages to jailbreaking. As we said before, it is a perfectly legal process.  Once you have jailbroken your device though, you cannot update to new firmwares without losing the jailbreak so you do have to wait until the developers give you go ahead or stay on a lower firmware than other people.  The other disadvantage is that, despite being ruled legal, Apple still do not want you to jailbreak. Therefore, they class it as a violation of the EULA and threaten to void the warranty of anyone who is caught jailbreaking. That said, if you do need to take your device back to the store, a simple factory restore will remove all traces of the jailbreak and apple need never know about it.

Can Jailbreaking Brick My iPhone, iPod or iPad ?


No. that’s the simple answer. In the early days of jailbreaking there was always the possibility of this happening. these days, the developers are working with a lot more knowledge and much better software and hardware. A jailbreak utility is nothing more than a piece of software that  does not interfere with the hardware of your device in any way. Therefore, the worst that can happen is that the jailbreak gets stuck and you need to start again.

If you do decide to jailbreak, we have a series of guides for you to follow.

iOS 8 Jailbreak Tutorial :

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tutorials :

iOS 6 Jailbreak Tutorials :

After iOS 7.1 was released on March 10th, members of Evad3rs announced that it patched the exploits used in the untethered jailbreak tool and those who wish to keep their jailbreak should not updates. There is very little likelihood of a jailbreak being released for iOS 7.1, instead the developers are likely to concentrate their efforts on iOS 8, expected to be released in the fall.

The Evasi0n 7 jailbreak utility supports the following devices:

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPod Touch 5

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    1. i tryed to jailbreak and unlcok phone to all networks, it didnt work, so i thourght would just pay for it then update; so started updatind and it wouldnt update cause of the jail break app that i cant delete. so i tryed to delete it manully, got to the red line and now the phone wont work. trying your method now and the cable come up but to restore, i need to update too. and it wont update becaue i have a stupid jailbreak app that i cant get rid of. if in any way got good advice, please.

    1. [via YouTube] Thank you so much for posting this video! I have been thinnikg about buying an iPhone and really was willing to switch to AT T but I like my plan so now I don’t have to. I’m going to follow your instructions. Thanks again!

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