How to Enable Always On 4G LTE on iPhone 6 Plus or Later

4G LTE connectivity is a wonderful addition to any mobile device but many iOS users have noticed that, when the signal is weak, iOS automatically switches to a 3G connection. This is useful to some and it conserves battery. It also saves a lot of frustration when signals are weak but not everyone wants to be dictated to by Apple. However, they neglected to put in a way of disabling the auto-switch feature but, like so many other iOS limitations, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue.

Image : Enable Always On 4G LTE on iPhone 6

iphone 6 plus 4g lte celular

A new tweak called Lock4GLTE is available now in the BigBoss repository for $0.99. All it does is add a new switch to the control center that allows you to lock your device into a 4G LTE connection, or put it back to auto-switch when you want. Users should bear in mind that an iPhone on constant 4G LTE will use the battery much faster so it may not be the kind of feature you want enabled at all times but the flip switch does give you control over when to use it.

Another conflict arises with VoLTE – Voice over LTE. Not all carriers support this just yet and if yours doesn’t then forcing a constant 4G LTE connection could result in calls not coming through – something you need to consider before enabling it. If, however, this is just the type of tweak you have been waiting for since Pangu jailbreak was released, it’s waiting for you in the BigBoss repository. To get it, if you haven’t already done so, you need to install the Pangu jailbreak .

Image : Always on 4G LTE on iPhone 6 running iOS 8 Jailbroken


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