Create a Free Credit Card Number for Online Use

A lot of the latest apps or services online require you to enter a credit card number, even for so-called free trials. However, not everyone wants to bandy their credit card number around the internet, especially not with the number of companies that disappear after a few weeks or months.

Image : Create Free Credit Cards for Online Use

free online Credit cards

Help is at hand with a website service called GetCreditCardNumber. What the service does is, using a complicated algorithm method, it generates fake credit card numbers that will pass as real ones.

These can be used when you just need a credit card number to get a trial going, similar to those at Hulu and NetFlix. It must be said that these numbers are NOT genuine credit card numbers and cannot be used to make purchases.  All they are is numbers that contain the right format to pass a computer check.  Each number has the correct issuer ID number and all the other required information contained within it, so it isn’t just a random number picked out of thin air.

How to Use  Credit Card Number Generator :

  1. From your browser, open GetCreditCardNumber credit card
  2. At the top of the screen, click on Generator  
  3. From the drop down list, choose the card issuer you want to use
  4. Now choose the Data format you want to use
  5. Decide how many card numbers you require and input the number – from 1 to 9999
  6. Click on Generate File credit card generate online
  7. A screen will appear with your number or numbers on it

As we said before, please do not attempt to make a purchase with one of these numbers, as they are not real and cannot be used for anything other than getting past that stumbling block on some websites.

Image : Using Credit Card Numbers Online

credit card use online

Even more helpful for those than need more than one credit card number, this website will allow you to download files of 100’s of numbers in several different formats, such as JSON, XML or CSV.

The only downfall with these numbers is if the website you use them on attempts to actually validate the card. As they are not real numbers, you will fall at this hurdle and can go no further. Still, it is useful if you need a card number that isn’t going to be subject to too much scrutiny!  As well as a website, there is also an Android app for the same service although nothing for iOS users as of yet.

Image : Verify these Card Numbers

verify credit card validity online (2)

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  1. this is bogus! I wanna watch hulu or netflix you should already know that most websites require cvv2 and zipcode!!! this website is an EPIC FAIL!!!

  2. People like this need to be pushed off a cliff!….like HEELLLOOO????…do you really thinks its going to work with no CCV2 or name or expiry date?….sorrry try wiping the “L” off your forehead!

  3. everytime I put in a fake number it always says invalid or input a valid card number so I think it can tell if its fake or not.

  4. This is no help, we should at least have like a fake card number to put into! I want to watch Netflix and I don’t have a card.

  5. unless i am missing something new here, credit card generators have been around for about 25 years. And, even back then, LUHN was already reverse engineered….

  6. ok, the credit card number was generated, and where do I find the CVV (Card Security Code) from the back of the “card”?

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