Fourth Set of iCloud Hacked Celebrity Images Surface Online

Some time back we reported that an iCloud hack had resulted in a number of images of n*de celebrities uploaded to the web. Today, we can report that, for the fourth time, it has happened again, although we can’t confirm that these images come via a similar “brute force” attack.

Image : iCloud Hacked Celebrities

Scarlett_Johansson icloud hack

The original upload came via subreddit on Reddit called The F*ppening. However, both Reddit and 4Chan jumped straight in, shut down the forum, and put a ban in place on the leaks of n*ked celebrity images, following the threat of takedown notices under the DMCA.

Marty Singer, a lawyer in Hollywood representing a large number of the celebrities targeted, threatened to sue Google for damages of $100 million if they didn’t remove the images, resulting in thousands of photos being removed and hundreds of accounts shut down. However, they have not made it clear if they are going to take action to remove the new images that have appeared.

While all previous leaks of this nature have revolved around female celebrities, this one features the very first male – Nick Hogan, the son of Hulk Hogan. Also targeted were Winona Ryder, Erin Heatherton, Ingrid Michaelson and a large number of foreign actors and models. The biggest targets were Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries and Zoe Karan.

The F*ppening Series :

icloud hack celebrities

The F*ppenings first started in August and are currently under FBI investigation. Apple thoroughly investigated the previous leaks and confirmed that there had not been a system-wide iCloud attack.

At the moment, the sources of these images are not known but wherever they came from, the question of online security and privacy has once again reared its head.

UPDATE 31/01/2015

It has now been confirmed that a tool by the name of iDict was behind the iCloud photo hack. The tool was released to show Apple that there is a serious security flaw in iCloud, in a bid to get them to fix it and it apparently only attacks iCloud accounts with weak passwords. More details about iDict and how to protect your iCloud account can be found in this post.

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