Some time back, Apple made a promise that, eventually, they would put a stop to jailbreaking. Despite the fact that it is legal, they make no secret of the fact that they disagree with it and will do whatever it takes to keep the iOS bound in chains. There haven’t been many jailbreaks just recently and those that have been released can’t be used by everyone but, with the release of FlekStore [ext link], we now have a solution.

Image : FlekStore App Download

What is FlekStore ?

It is the number one app installer, designed as an alternative to Cydia to provide us with free and easy access to a large number of apps, games and tweaks, not to mention other content as well. It is one of the most feature-rich app installers ever to be released and it seems that, with jailbreaking seemingly fading, this is the way forward. And, even better, you are not putting your warranty at risk because you are not installing a jailbreak. Here’s what FlekStore is offering.

Image : FlekStore App

Features of FlekStore :

  • Install FlekStore without a jailbreak
  • FlekStore is user-friendly and easy to find your way around
  • FlekStore is kept up to date with the latest games and apps
  • You can even create your own apps and upload them to FlekStore without having to register first
  • All the top tweaks for Cydia, including vShare [ ext link], AirShou [ext link], PlayBox and lots more besides

How to Download FlekStore :

You will not find FlekStore in the official iOS app store simply because it won’t pass the guidelines to get in. It is safe to use though and, if you are eager to get going with FlekStore, to get all your favorite apps and tweaks on your device and start using them, check out the links below to find all the information and download links that you need, including a how-to on deleting FlekStore and on fixing FlekStore errors, which, we must add, are rare:

FlekStore is, without a doubt one of the best Cydia alternatives that we have found so far. Although there have been a few in the past, none contain anywhere near as much content as FlekStore. You will find it incredibly easy to use and you will be spoilt for choice in what you can download and install on your iOS device. You don’t have anything to lose by installing and trying it so let us know how you get on and follow us on Facebook for more news.