Emus4u App Installer

There is one question being asked right now, is jailbreaking becoming a thing of the past ? There is some good news though; an app installer called Emus4U has been released as an interim measure, while we wait for a new Cydia  release. Since later iOS 9 and all through iOS 10, there have been so few usable jailbreaks that the community is beginning to doubt its future. We wouldn’t like to say that Apple has finally won the war but it is fair to say that things have gotten tougher lately and all we can do is wait to see what the future holds.

Image : Emus4U Download Tutorial

Emus4U is the latest in a long line of installers and it is packed with useful features that most of us can take advantage of. For a start, there is a great choice of emulators, not to mention the tweaked and modified apps and the huge choice of paid and premium content, all ready to be downloaded for free.

Features of Emus4U :

  • Full support provided for all iOS versions on all iOS devices
  • Easy to use 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Regularly updated
  • Fully customizable
  • No jailbreak needed

Also packed into Emus4U [ext link] you will find a ready-to-use screen recorder and a built-in cleaner that helps you to remove dead, junk and temporary files that we are left over from apps previously deleted.  Alongside that are several themes that you can download to customize how Emus4U looks on your device.

No Jailbreak Required :

It is fair to say that things have gotten a little dire in recent months as far as jailbreaks go and perhaps one of the main reasons is that Apple has done what they promised , included security features that make things much harder for the jailbreak developers. While they haven’t stopped it in its tracks they have most certainly slowed it down and, together with all the security updates they threw our way for iOS 10, it has certainly caused a problem.

While app installers like Emus4U are never going to replace Cydia, they are at least a decent alternative, not just for those who are unable to jailbreak right now but for those who just don’t want to but still want some of the jailbreak features. For full details on how to download Emus4U, check out the links below :

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