Easy Fix iPhone “Cable or Accessory is Not Certified” Error

Anyone who has ever owned an iOS device has more than likely come across the cable or accessory not certified message. Normally, it would mean that you were trying to charge your iPhone with something other than a genuine Apple charger [Read : How to Identify Fake Apple Cables & Chargers] but, since iOS 7, people who are using genuine ones or even branded ones from sources like Belkin or Griffin, are being faced with this issue.

Image : Fix iPhone Cable or Accessory Certification Problem

Cable or Accessory is Not Certified

If you have jailbroken your iPhone there is a way around it with a jailbreak tweak called Support Unsupported Accessories iOS 8. This is fully supported by any device able to run iOS 8.1.1 meaning the latest jailbreak is supported and it allows you to use uncertified cables on your iOS device.

This isn’t the first tweak of its kind ,  Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler was released last year but this latest one is the only one that covers iOS 8 and higher and it has been fully tested on and iPhone 6 Plus, on iOS 8.1.1, with a non-Apple cable.

To make use of Support Unsupported Accessories iOS 8, you must first jailbreak your iOS device:

After that, head over to Cydia to download the tweak free of charge :

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources
  3. Open BigBoss repo
  4. Search for Support Unsupported Accessories iOS 8 support unsupported cable on iphone
  5. Tap on it to install

You should now be able to use any unsupported accessory on your device. However, although Apple is not cheap when it comes to iPhone or iPad accessories, we don’t recommend that you make a habit of using chargers that are not certified by the Cupertino Company as they could be dangerous and cause damage to your device – and you.

However, if you are looking to save a bit of cash by buying a cheaper cable then your best bet is to jailbreak and install this tweak. Do you suffer with this message on your iOS device, even with a branded charger?

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  1. Working on ipad mini 2 ios 8.1.2 only with original charger and 3rd party cable. doesn’t work with computer (only data transfer but no charging)

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