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WhatsApp is aimed towards mobile devices, which is all well and good. But, if you spend a good part of your day in front of a Mac, you probably wish that you had an easier way to message your friends. Many other message platforms, including iMessage have an app for the Mac and it seems a bit remiss of the WhatsApp developers to miss out this feature. In the absence of a native app, you could have a look at WhatsMac, a solution that brings WhatsApp to the Mac in the form of an app that looks something like iMessage.

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WhatsMac is free to download via GitHub and is, in essence, an overcoat for the WhatsApp Web Client interface. So you will already need to have a device that is compatible with the WhatsApp Web Client. That does NOT include the iPhone, unless you are jailbroken, in which case you can follow this workaround here.

How to Use WhatsMac on Mac :

You will need :

  • A WhatsApp Web Client compatible device . i.e your Mac running any Browser . Safari , Chrome
  • WhatsApp on your mobile device [android or iOS – Needs WhatsApp Web Enabler for iOS] with an associated phone number
  • OS X Yosemite
  1. Download WhatsMac on your Mac here WhatsMac ver 1.0 .
  2. If as most Mac users probably have, you have Gatekeeper installed on your Mac, when you run the app for the first time . Open Finder and Right click on WhatsMac app
  3. Select Open and then it would be installed on your Mac. download whatsmac app whatsapp
  4. Install and activate WhatsMac App on your compatible device using these instructions here .
  5. Drag the WhatsMac icon to Applications if you want and keep the app on Dock .whatsmac icon

Most features of the app are working, including the ability to text chat, see attached media, download the attached media, and receive notifications in the Notification center. At the moment, you can only attach media to your message by dragging and dropping it into the message. WhatsMac is also open source so you can have a bit of a poke around inside it and see how it all works and how it interacts with the WhatsApp Web Client. Right now, we understand that Apple is currently examining the WhatsApp Web Client to determine if they are going to allow it or not. They are not rushing themselves over it but, when, or if, it does arrive, Mac and PC users will be able to use the Web Client on their desktops with full support for their iPhone or iPad included. Until then, for Mac users, WhatsMac is as good as anything is at the moment.

Is this something you would want to try out ?

Source : GitHub

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