Cydia is the reason why we jailbreak, the app store that has all the modifications, tweaks and apps we need to make our devices unique. While Cydia comes preloaded with several of the bigger repositories, which contain all the apps and tweaks most people need, sometimes you may need to add another one to get something that isn’t in one of these pre-loaded repos. AppVV is the one to add if you want to get your hands on vShare [ext link] the popular app installer that provides us with a good choice of premium and paid content for free.

Image : AppVV Repo

What is AppVV ?

AppVV is perhaps the most-added of all Cydia sources and is one of the safest to use. The main reason is so that users can get their hands on vShare, the most popular app installer of all and download their favorite paid games and apps for free. AppVV [ext link] has a forum available to all users, a forum that is staffed around the clock so there is always someone to help and a group of active contributors who keep the content coming in .

How to Download AppVV Repo :

It’s no good trying to download AppVV repo any way other than through Cydia because you can’t do it in any other way. It isn’t something that will ever be made available on the app store but, to download it, you can follow our guide below and find out more information about AppVV while you are at it.

How to Download AppVV Repo :

You cannot get AppVV from the iOS app store as it is not the type of app that would make it through the security checks that Apple has in place. You can, however, add it to Cydia very easily and the guides below provide you with full instructions along with more information about AppVV repo.

Fixing AppVV Errors :

Adding AppVV repo to Cydia is straightforward and you should be able to do it without any problems. However, if you do come up against an error, it is likely to be one of the following ones and you can find the instructions to solve the errors in the linked articles. If you really can’t fix it, or if the problem keeps on arising, the best thing to do is delete AppVV and start from the beginning again:

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