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Samsung Tests 5G Network with 1 Gbps Download Speed

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4G is relatively new and many consumers are still trying it out. Some places don’t even have access to 3G yet; however, it would appear that many manufacturers are already looking at 5G.  Mobile data is an important part of the way we live these days and the ability to get information as quickly as possible is vital to many, especially those in business.  Samsung are one company who are looking into and testing 5G data speeds and they have now announced that their testing has managed to achieve an impressive download speed of 1 Gbps, with higher speeds potentially reachable.

5g network korea iphone 6

They carried out their testing using no less than 64 antenna elements and 28 GHz wave band and are now claiming that they could reach speeds of up to 10Gbps. To put these speeds in perspective, the current maximum, in theory, that can be expected from 4G is around 75Mbps, and, to some, that’s quite fast.

Samsung are not alone in their tests. NTT DoCoMo have already started their own tests, claiming that, by using a 400 MHz spectrum and a car load of antennas they managed to achieve that 10Gbps speed.

Right now, many are still waiting for 4G to become available and Samsung say that they don’t expect to be able to provide for 5G until at least 2020, which is when the EU commission have stated they want 5G ready as well. While these tests are good news for the future of mobile networking, don’t expecting to be seeing that 5G badge in the too near future.

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Posted by Filip on - 25 May 2013

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