Fix Reboot Loop Problem after Jailbreak

The iOS jailbreak has been out for a few days now and most people who want it have got it. People are now busy downloading and installing all their favorite apps and tweaks and generally playing around with their devices. However, because it all happened so quickly, and because of the vast time that lapsed between jailbreaks, many developers hadn’t checked that their apps actually worked with iOS , at least without crashing or causing other problems.

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stuck at apple logo iphone 6

Some of you have no doubt come across one or two problems like this so we’re going to tell you how to get out of a crash or endless reboot loop:

  • Hard Reboot

Long time iOS users will already know that most things can be sorted with a hard reboot.  Those that are new or don’t know how to do this, press the Home and Sleep ( Power ) buttons on your device at the same time for a couple of seconds. You should see the Apple Logo appear on screen and this should have solved your problem.

dfu iphone hard reboot

It’s a bit like a PC that doesn’t respond to anything until you hit the button to power it off altogether. This works with all devices, regardless of whether they have been jailbroken or not.

  • Endless Reboot Loop

If you have a jailbroken device and it seems to have got caught up in an endless reboot loop, it’s probably because you installed a tweak or app that isn’t compatible with your system or is broken in another way.  The hard reboot will not work for this type of situation because the offending tweak will simply restart when the device is rebooted.  This is how to solve this problem:  When your device has stated booting up hold the Volume Up button until you see you lock screen. You will now be able to go to Cydia and uninstall the app or tweak that you suspect is the cause of the issue.  If the Volume Up button isn’t working use the clicker on your headphones – not the volume up button.

iphone 5 volume keys

If you want to know why this works, read on.  A lot of the system tweaks are reliant on something called Mobile Substrate – cleverly developed to help when things go wrong, as they frequently do when you start to mess around with internal systems.  When you press the Volume Up button you are effectively completely disabling the Mobile Substrate, thus stopping the app or tweak that is causing the problem from loading.

Before you go ahead and install any apps or tweaks you should make sure that iOS version is supported. Many are still being updated to work with the new system.




  1. pure BS. If boot loop is caused right after evasi0n jailbreak, it is obvious that the user did not install mobilesubstrate yet. The volume up trick is totally useless.

    1. you are right ‘me’. I tried to JB 7.0.4 and it said Done but my iPhone 5 continues to boot…. stuck and I don’t know what to do. I have a backup and I was able to get into DFU mode but then iTunes is going to force me to upgrade to newest IOS and I don’t want that bc no JB for it…. HELP…
      anything you could suggest?

  2. OMG thnks….this is very thankful tip.. im all about to restore myIPAD but..still searching FOr this. :)
    im gonna add to bookmark ur thsnks in GOD SPEED.

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