Jailbreak iOS 7 on iPhone 5

iOS 7 has already proven to be a completely different ballgame to its predecessor. As well as being visually overhauled, there have been a lot of changes to native apps and many new features added in.  Some of these features are very similar to a number of jailbreak tweaks so some may be wondering if there will be any point to an iOS 7 jailbreak.

ioS 7 Jailbreak iPhone 5

With the release of iOS 7 beta 5 , Tim Cook announced that there would loads more opportunities for customization and for third-party developers. However, that doesn’t mean that the jailbreak developers won’t come up with some opportunities of their own.  It’s not just a new firmware for the consumer; it’s a new base for the developers to work from as well.

Work on an untethered iOS 7 jailbreak is definitely under way. Evad3rs will be releasing an updated version of Evasi0n and P0sixninja has also hinted strongly at producing one as well. The only thing we don’t know at the moment is when the utility will be released.

A release timetable depends on many things. First and foremost, it cannot be released until iOS 7 is rolled out to the public, possibly in September sometime. Following that, the developers have to complete the build of the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak before putting it through a series of stringent tests. These tests can take some time because they have to be carried out on a number of devices and on several different PC or Mac operating systems before the utility can be released.

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