iPhone 5S DFU Mode – How-to Tutorial

As an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, you will become familiar with many different terms, one of which is DFU Mode.  DFU stands for Device Firmware Update and, as the name implies it allows you to change the firmware version your device is currently running.

When your iPhone 5S is in DFU Mode it will be able to communicate with iTunes but will not load either the boot loader or iPhone operating system – this is where DFU differs from Recovery mode,  2 terms that people constantly confuse with each other.

DFU Mode is used when you want to downgrade your iOS or use a custom IPSW, usually during jailbreaking or unlocking the SIM.

How to Place iPhone 5S into DFU

This is a fairly simple process but may take a few tries to get it right. Remember, if at any time during the next steps you see the Apple logo on your iPhone 5S screen, you have gone too far and will need to start again.

  1. Connect your iPhone 5S and computer together as shown in the image below. Make sure you have an official lightning cable that is supported by iOS 7 . iphone 5s dfu mode
  2. Open iTunes itunes store pc mac
  3. Switch off your iPhone 5S completely iphone 5s power off switch off
  4. Now hold the Home button and the Power button (top of the iPhone) down simultaneously for 10 seconds iphone 5s DFU mode
  5. Release the Power button
  6. Carry on holding the Home button until you see a Device in Recovery message in iTunes restore ios 7.0.3 recovery mode  (1)

At this stage your iPhone5S screen should be completely blank.   If there is anything at all on there, i.e. Apple Logo iTunes logo or anything else, you are in Recovery mode, not DFU and will need to repeat the above steps again.

How to Exit out of DFU Mode

If you need to exit from DFU Mode it is a simple matter or pressing the Home and Power buttons down again until the Apple logo appears and you can let the iPhone 5S boot up as normal. apple logo  (1)

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