iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S – Difference Compared Side-by-Side

As we head towards September 10 iPhone rumors are beginning to pick up. The most common one is that, come September/October, we could be seeing two iPhone’s released. We expect to see the iPhone 5S but we may also get our hands on the budget iPhone, the iPhone 5C as well.






iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C Comparison and Analysis :

So, what are the differences, or similarities, between the two handsets ? For a start, the build materials – the iPhone 5S is going to be built of the same aluminum and glass that is synonymous with Apple devices whereas the 5C is made of polycarbonate, or plastic.

Comparing them with the current iPhone 5 we can see that the headphone jack and the lightning port are in the same place with the speaker holes, albeit different ones, on either side of the port. The iPhone 5S looks practically identical to the iPhone 5 with just a few internal upgrades, a new processor and a better camera. The iPhone 5C is slightly more rounded and, because of its plastic finish does look quite a bit cheaper.

iOS 7 is currently on Beta 5 so it shouldn’t be too long before we start to get official word of these two devices. Stay with us to find out exactly what Apple has planned for the Fall.




  1. Total Fake…….look at the headphone jack of 5C, u can see the inside of the case so for gt e speaker too. The screws are artificial too…

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