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iPhone 5c Catches Fire In 14-year Old Girl’s Pocket

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There have been a few stories in the past of technical gadgets suddenly bursting in flame, for no apparent reason, but you don’t very often hear about it happening to Apple devices. However, a 14-year-old girl was the victim of one such occurrence when her iPhone 5C emitted a loud pop and burst into flames in her pocket.

Image : iPhone 5C Catches

iphone catches fire

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Because she had obviously been taught what to do in the event of fire, she dropped and rolled, thus ensuring she suffered little in the way of injury.  Had the incident occurred while she was sleeping it could have been so much worse. However, she felt well enough to want to return to school but medical officers refused her request.

Although there have been a couple of incidents involving Apple products it is rare and the normal culprit is a cheap charger or battery that has been installed.  However, the owner of a repair shop close to the school the girl attends in Maine said that this kind of thing can happen in any device that uses lithium batteries.

Image : iPhone 5C cathes fire


He did say that the batteries Apple uses are amongst the safest in the world. The iPhone 5C was in the girl’s back pocket and the incident only happened when she sat down, thus lading investigators to believe that she may have caused an electrical short in the device.

While that doesn’t improve the situation it does make sense that users should refrain from sitting down when their iPhones are in their back pockets. Just because there haven’t been any reports about your particular model, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be the first or that you won’t do any serious damage to your iPhone.

Other stories of phones that have spontaneously combusted for no apparent reason include the Samsung Galaxy S4 that burnt down an entire apartment and the Galaxy S4 that burst into flames, resulting in Samsung trying to silence the owner.

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Posted by Nathan on - 9 February 2014

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