How to Use SBSettings on iPhone 5 for Faster Settings Option

Are you fed up with the having to go into your settings app every time you want to change one of your settings? If you have a jailbroken device you can download a jailbreak tweak called SBSettings that makes it easy to access things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

sbsettings iphone 5

SBSettings gives you a set of toggles right on your home screen. To access them simply swipe or tap the status bar. Choose the toggle for the setting you want to access and tap on it to either enable or disable it. One other great feature of SBSettings is that it can be launched from anywhere, even inside another app.

Change SBSettings Theme :

sbsettings iPhone 5

The toggles can be customized using a separate configuration app, launched by tapping on the More button in SBSettings. Tap on Set Toggles and you will be able to customize them. Not happy with the way SBSettings looks ? Tap on Manage Themes from within the configuration app and change it. You can get themes from Cydia.

There are also some custom widgets available via Cydia that, once installed, can be accessed using SBSettings. One of these is called Processes; a widget that lets you see exactly what is running on your iDevice at any one time and lets you close down processes as well.

Windows Toggles :

sbsettings iPhone 4S

If you want to add a new toggle to SBSettings, install the toggle from Cydia, launch Settings and then tap on Set Window Toggles. Tap on the newly installed toggle to enable it. Here are some of the more beneficial uses of SBSettings:

  • If you want to use your iPhone camera flash as a flashlight, use Springflash which can be found in SBSettings.
  • If auto correction is driving you round the bend, use SBSettings to turn it off easily.
  • Keep an eye on your data usage with a simple toggle, especially useful if you are on a limited plan.
  • Turn off rotation to stop your screen from changing orientation
  • Close all background apps with one tap

Download :

There is so much more you can do with SBSettings so head over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia and download it today.