How to Stream Any Video Format from Chromecast to TV

Since it was released, Google ChromeCast has proved to be extremely popular, although it is a little bit limited in what it offers at the moment. For Android developers  that’s no stumbling block in their efforts to try to improve the $35 dongle. Google ChromeCast is a simple device, a dongle that plugs into your HDTV and turns it into a Smart TV.

Image : Google ChromeCast TV Streaming

google chromecast tv streaming tutorial

Features include:

  • Completely remote free – use your mobile device to control it;
  • Cross platform – works on all major platforms and operating systems;
  • Plug and Play – no difficult and fiddly installation required;
  • Plugs straight into HDMI port on your HDTV;
  • Charges via Micro-USB or external power
  • Playable content includes Google Play, YouTube and Netflix although others, such as Pandora and Hulu,  will be added at a later date.

Developer Leon Nicholls has developed a very simple app called Fling [download link]. It lets users stream a range of different video formats direct from their computer to ChromeCast and onto your TV, similar to Apple TV.  Fling even offers streaming for one of the more problematic formats, .mkv. The video below shows just how easy it is to transfer files using Fling – it’s just a case of dragging and dropping and enjoying your content on a bigger screen.  Fling will only work with the proper Google ChromeCast dongle, not with CheapCast for Android app, which turns any android device into a ChromeCast dongle, so, if you were thinking twice about spending $35 on  a limited content device, perhaps this app will push you in the right direction.

YouTube Video Tutorial :

Although root access was gained early on, Google have since issued an OTA update, which has blocked off that avenue, for now anyway.  Fling itself is open source so anyone who knows anything about coding can get in and have a play around for themselves. Download Fling and get streaming straightaway.




  1. i know a software called idealshare vdieogo which can easily helps me to convert all kinds video like mkv, avi, mp4, mov, flv and etc to chromecast supported format.

    then i can easily stream the converted local video from computer to chromecast for play on tv by the following way:

    Install Google Chrome Cast Extension
    Open chrome or a new tab, and then connect your chrome browser to Chromecast
    Drag and drop the video/audio file you want to play into the Chrome browser
    Click the browser extension and select “Cast this tab

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