How to Make Money Online Using your Android Phone

These days most people are looking for an extra way to earn a bit of extra cash. Android users can now download an android app called Locket.  It doesn’t pay a fortune but you can earn $0.03 cents every hour by unlocking ads on the lock screen. You earn $0.01 cent per add and, over the course of 12 months, if your earned your $0.03 cents every hour you could cash in an amount of $250. OF course that would mean having to be awake every hour of the day to unlock those ads.


To be honest the only people who are going to make any real money from this are the developers of the app. Once you’ve unlocked your Android phone 3 times and earned your hourly limit, you still have to unlock your device when you want to use it. And that just sends cash to the pockets of the developers.

money maker app android - online money

When your fortune starts to add up you have a choice of how to use it. You can either cash it into your bank account, get a gift card or if you really wanted to you could donate the money to charity.  It would perhaps be better if it could be turned into credits for the Google Play Store but you can still use the cash to buy those new apps when you’ve cashed it out.

Download the App :

To be honest, it could get quite painful to have to see ads whenever you want to look at you messages or emails or even just play a game, especially when you consider the tiny amount paid, however, if you’re not bothered then download Locket free of charge from the Play Store. Be aware that it is still in Beta form so it may not be quite as refined as you would like.