How to Enable Emoticon Smileys on iOS 7 – Emoji Keyboard

Emoji icons have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and, provided you don’t use too many at once, can be a nice feature on a text conversation.  With Android, because it is an open-source operating system, you can add emoji-packs from third-party sources easily. However, things are not quite that simple with iOS.

Image : Emoji Emoticons on iOS 7

ios 7 keyboards emoji  (1)

It might interest fans of the icons that there is a feature hidden in iOS 7 and, while a  lot of the hard-to-find features need a jailbreak to unlock them, this one doesn’t.  The stock Message app on iOS has been vastly improved, especially since iMessage was introduced with iOS 5. Those of you that use it all the time probably like to pop smileys and emoticons in every now and then, just to pep things up a bit. In iOS 7 there is a hidden keyboard, one that is full of emoticons and, although it isn’t included as a default keyboard, you can find it with a bit of digging. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Navigate to and tap on Keyboard ios 7 keyboards emoji  (2)
  4. Tap on Keyboards on the next screen
  5. Tap on Add New Keyboard ios 7 keyboards emoji  (4)
  6. Navigate through the list until you see Emoji  and tap on it.

To access it when you are in Message mode, just tap the Globe icon, which will be at the bottom left of the keyboard and you will be given a keyboard with all the emoji icons you could ever possibly use. To get back to the normal keyboard, tap the Globe icon again.

Image : Emoji Emoticons

ios 7 keyboards emoji  (5)

As soon as there is a jailbreak available for iOS 7 there will be loads of tweaks and apps available to let you add more emoticons and special keyboards in the Cydia store. In the meantime, make the most of the ones that Apple hid from you.

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