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How to Disable Auto-correct on an iPhone 5


Autocorrect is something that we’ve all come across when we send text messages or emails from our iPhones and iPods. It is basically a spell-check feature that automatically checks your spelling as you type.  While some may find it a useful feature there are others who get annoyed with it, finding it makes their job harder.

autocorrect iphone 5

There is a way to turn off this feature, very easily.  From your home screen, open up your Settings app.  Tap on General and then Keyboard.  Now tap on Auto-Correction – this should be the first option – and it will turn to “off”.

auto-correct iphone 5

That’s all there is to it. You should now be able to type your messages and other text without the hassle of auto correction. If you want to re-enable it for any reason, simply go back in tour settings app, follow the above instructions and tap to enable it.

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Posted by Filip on - 3 April 2013

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