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Are you thinking about buying an iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S ? As well as choosing your color, you also have to decide on the storage capacity you want.  Looking at the cost of both the iPhone 5S and C in terms of storage, it’s clear that the price increases by $100 for each model, doubling your storage capacity each time:

Image : iPhone 5C Storage Capacities

iphone 5c sizes




iPhone 5C –Retail




iPhone 5C – Contract




iPhone 5S – Retail




iPhone 5S – Contract




Let’s look at who should buy each storage capacity.


Perfect for the minor user who stores very little data on their actual iPhones, preferring to use the Cloud for any data or files. Also, perfect for the first time iOS user who doesn’t have loads of iTunes content that they want on their iPhone.


Best for the average user, giving a decent amount of storage of photos, music, videos and apps, provided you are not downloading them by the bucketful every day. It’s a mid-range price and worth the extra $100 for double to storage space.


This is for the user who spends all day every day downloading apps and music or who stores tons of photos or videos.  Perhaps the reporter or DJ among you would benefit from the 64GB model but for the average user, it’s a bit over the top.

In The Cloud

Many people use iCloud to store their files on to avoid clogging up their iPhones. Apple provides all users with 5GB of free space and more can be purchased:

  • 10GB – $20 per year
  • 20GB – $40 per year
  • 50GB – $100 per year

There are also free storage options such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Posted by Pete on - 16 September 2013

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