Fix iPhone 6 in Recovery Mode – Exit Connect to iTunes

Restoring or updating your iPhone 6 should be a simple process. However, occasionally things do go wrong and iTunes will display error code 1015. This means that your iPhone 6 is stuck in recovery mode meaning you can’t do anything with it and the screen will show “Connect to iTunes “.

Image : iOS 8 Recovery Mode iPhone 6


The best way to get out of this situation is to use a well-known tool called TinyUmbrella.

  1. First of all download TinyUmbrella
  2. Now, making sure your device is connected to your computer, launch TinyUmbrella
  3. It will automatically detect that your iPhone 5 is stuck in recovery mode
  4. Select the Exit Recovery button and it should throw your iPhone 5 out of recovery.
  5. Alternatively, you can right-click on your iPhone 5 name from a list at the side of TinyUmbrella and select Kick out of recovery.tinyumbrella ios 8 iphone 6 recovery fix

This will take your iPhone 5 out of recovery and back to you home screen where you should find it has been successfully updated or restored.

UPDATE – 13/03/2015

Apple has recently released iOS 8.3 beta 3, firstly to developers and second as a public beta. This means that anyone can join the program for free to test out the beta – full details here. You may still come across the above error, especially if you try to install the update without being a registered developer or going through the program; there is another method you can use to get out of it:

Install the latest version of iTunes and Restart your computer :

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes
  2. You will see a message saying that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery ITUNES RECovery mode
  3. If you are using a Windows PC, hold the SHIFT button down, for Mac users, it is the OPTION key
  4. At the same time, click on RESTORE in iTunes
    restore iphone itunes
  5. Locate the beta IPSW you would have downloaded and click on it select-ipsw-file-
  6. iTunes will restore your device to that beta

*If you went through the beta program you will not have this IPSW so you will need to simply restore your device to iOS 8.2 and then go back to the beta program and try again

If you are not a developer and you have not joined the public beta program, you can take up our special UDID promotion which will give you a full year of access to all iOS beta software, starting from just $10.

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  1. Put it in DFU mode and connect it to iTunes. iTunes will freak out and tell you to restore it.
    I’ve tried FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to restore lost data ever fail on my iPhone 6.

  2. My iPhone 5 appeared on screen, connect to iTunes, my question is.. Can my phone receive an incoming call? Thanks.. Hoping for ur response..

  3. I found a phone about 1 month ago and it is in lost mode, I called the number it displayed and no one answered I called periodically over a few days after that and even went to the police to see if anyone had reported a stolen phone (small town).
    It has been long enough that i have decided to keep it, will tiny umbrella give me access to it? I have tried putting it into DFU but it still requires a password and is in lost mode so I am not sure that I am doing it right. If this doesn’t help than does anyone know how to open it with Itunes(i don’t have an account)?

  4. Went thru the steps described for TinyUmbrella and the iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode but no luck -- each time the software tells me that the device is not connected (even though it shows up and allows me to chose “exit recovery”, etc. Tried different USB cables and ports……phone went into recovery mode on Thursday morning (5/1) have not had success in bringing it back to life since (guess that’s kind of obvious if I’m posting here!)

    I had previously updated to the latest iOS without any issues -- phone was working fine before it shut down on me -- I had sent a couple of texts and made at least 1 call that morning….appreciate any suggestions you may have!!!
    P.S. Never been jailbroken…..mainly used as phone -- no music, videos, etc…….

  5. Hey,

    My iphone 5 is in recovery mode and i want to get out of it to put all my pictures on my MAC. I forgot to take them over to my computer before i updated my phone.

    If I do this, will my pictures still be on my phone and can i updated the phone later?

  6. Bro my iPad 2 is stuck in recovery mode, because im trying to update it on ios 7 using itunes then when i extract the file it will download and thats all. How to fix this? its almost 3 days i cant play my ipad help me pls. Thanks

    1. Hey did you lose all your data when you did this??????? Please write me back!!! Blind42.0 hotmaiil

  7. First is is to put your iPhone in DFU mode.
    Step 1. Turn off iPhone
    Step 2. Hold down the Power and Home button.
    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the Home button down.
    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that it’s in restore mode.

    Second is to fix with iPhone Data Recovery(
    Step 1: Fix the Problem of iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode(
    Step 2: Recover Data from your iPhone Directly
    Step 3: Recover Lost Data from iTunes Backup
    You can try both of them.

  8. Does my phone need to be jb in order to use tinyumbrella? I select exit recovery mode but nothing happens :(

    1. Hold the home and power button until it turns of the screen then hold the power button and it will go to back to normal.

  9. Hi There..

    I am currently having problem with my iphone 5. I was doing **** stupid things on cydia respitory and suddenly on the last attempt, my phone showing on black loading screen like somekind of Cydia respring about a couple of minutes and did not back on either to cydia or normal mode but instead, the phone back to restart (rebooting) then instead of booting to normal mode but it doesn’t, it goes back to cydia respring stuff like before then rebooting again and again.

    I am having such weird trouble in this three days and till now i wasn’t find anything in all the website or never seen anyone having same problem as mine.

    I did used Tiny umbrella and iReb that i download from some friends website to exit the recovery mode when i put my phone onto it but still the problem precised which rebooting like what happen as i had mentioned above. During the recovery mode, my phone could not detect by itunes at all. but while on respring mode, itunes detect my phone and when i try to restore, it was run but as the problem keep rebooting, the phone reboot after while during the restore process then start to happen like before reboot and reboot…so the restore or update process could not be complete.

    Could some one help me to solve my problem please..?

    Thank you so much…

    My phone Details:

    Iphone 5

    iOs: 7.0.3

    Evasi0n7 Jailbroken

    1. Coolmuster iOS Data Recovery is a professional iOS data recovery software dedicate to recover data embedded in iPhone. With this iOS Data Recovery tool, you can be totally relieved from the trouble of losing data on your iPhone.Such as deleted text messages photos, music, videos, contacts,calendars, WhatsApp chats, etc. of your iPhone 6/6 plus 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS.

  10. Guys.. found another way to do this.
    after you stuck on connect to itunes. go to red snow (redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3) go to extras and go to Pwned DFU. then it will say you end up with restore mode. not DFU mode. switch off da device and again try, after doing 2 3 time, you phone will get back to normal.. experienced with iPhone 5.

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