Evasion Jailbreak on iOS 7 – Update

The countdown towards the next iOS 7 untethered jailbreak utility has started.  Tweets have been spotted from evad3rs team member, Pod2G, firstly saying that the iOS 7 design was “one of the ugliest ever”, followed within a day by tweets about some of the features included in the iOS and how anxious he is to start testing.

ios 7 jailbreak evasion

This can really only mean one thing.  Once testing of the new iOS begins by the hackers, it can only be a matter of time before they begin to build the jailbreak.  Of course, this isn’t going to be a 5 minute job, despite the fact that most, if not all of the exploits, have already been found. What is interesting is that P0sixninja, AKA Joshua Hill, ex Chronic Dev Team member, claims to be working on the iOS 7 jailbreak by himself. At the moment, it could be a case of 2 jailbreak tools being released, just one side working on it or both P0sixninja and evad3rs working together.

Whichever way it works, it’s a sure thing that when the new untethered jailbreak does arrive on the scene it will be as successful as the iOS 6 one was.  Evasi0n was released in February to jailbreak virtually all devices on iOS 6 or higher until Apple released iOS 6.1.3. If you are running on 6 – 6.1.2 and haven’t yet jailbroken your device, our guide will help you.

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A word of caution; no official untethered jailbreak will be released until iOS 7 is out in public and that won’t be until September at the earliest. To avoid being caught out, read our article on how to avoid fake utilities. It’s also worth bearing in mind that iOS 7 is going to be compatible with the latest devices.

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  1. That control center is not really a control center! Cause you are attached to what they put you to you over there and you cant change anything, the camera, calculator and clock apps down there are just a waste! they are already on the springboard! th flashlight is good! The rotation locker should be moved down there along with more usefull stuff instead of the ones mentioned before. Now on there up there on the “control center” they should give the option the change bettwen any toggle you want! same for those ones down there. The tap to tweet/post widget and the weather and stock widget should be back either on NC or CC. The new desig is too white! and the new multitasking switcher showl have a way to kill all apps at once!

    Hopefully all those things I said can be solved by a jailbreak!

  2. iOS 7 still need a jailbreak! That “control center” is not really a control center! You a attached to what they put you there! On the botton of “control center” there should be other stuff in replace for the camera, clock and calculator! The orientation blocker should be on the botton in replace of the one mebtiones before… on the top, tger should be more usefull toggles in stead of those one! And the tap to tweet/post waa wiped out! Hope they pur it back either on CC or NC… hopefully this thing can be solved by a jailbreal! :)

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