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UPDATE : Latest Evasion Jailbreak News

iOS 7.1 was released on Monday 10th March and, as we all know, iOS 7.1 patches the exploits used in Evasi0n 7, the untethered iOS 7 jailbreak utility released just before Christmas 2013.  So, if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak, do not update until a new utility is released.

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A number of updates to Evasi0n 7 have been released since December.  The latest version of Evasi0n 7 is v1.0.7, released to fix an issue with packages not updating in Cydia. Those who did not suffer that problem do not need to update and can stay on v 1.0.6 or lower.

At the moment, there is no news on whether Evad3rs will be releasing a new jailbreak utility for iOS 7.1. However, it is likely that they will now concentrate their efforts on iOS 8 instead and won’t risk burning any valuable exploits on 7.1.  A jailbreak is still possible for anyone who stays on iOS 7 through to iOS 7.0.6.

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As soon as we hear any further news you will be the first to know, in the meantime, download links for the latest Evasi0n utility can be found below:

Download Links : Evasi0n 7

Evasi0n 7 v1.0.8 Links

If you are a member of Twitter then you’ve probably been following the jailbreak team Evad3rs as they make their announcements. The latest one confirms that they are one step further forward in their journey to being able to release the untethered jailbreak with the completion of the GUI interface.

Update : Evasi0n 7  is released with weather bug fix . Download Evasion from out last update here . The jailbreak procedure remains the same with the same device support .

Testing is taking place for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and, once that’s finished then a few fortunate and trustworthy people will get the chance to run a private beta test of the jailbreak. At the moment, if you take a look on the official website for the jailbreak, you’ll see a progress bar that tells us they are 68% of the way through the testing phases. This means there is only 32% left to complete, pushing us nearer to the final countdown. The next step will be to provide fixes for any bugs that rear up under the private beta testing phase .

Download Links: Evasi0n for iOS 6




  1. where the hell should i download evasi0n it always starts downloading from mega and then in mega it says file is not there it has been removed

  2. Tried to downgrade from 7.1.1 to a lesser version to better update to iOS 8.. Would not let me. Any comments?

  3. Hi I have just one question, can I restore an iphone iOS7.0.4 after you installed iOS 7.1 as I can. Please if there is someone who can explain it much better in Spanish

  4. Hi, in the beginning cydia worked just fine but after downloading something all packages have been deleted and every time i add a source it says the same problem and every time i try to refresh it says the same problem so is there a a virus or something and what should i do

  5. I’ve did the jailbreak 2 times neither of the times work it gets stuck on Apple logo booting when’s the update for the iOS 7 jailbreak ready or that ? This is for an iPad 2

  6. evasion 1.5 / iOS 6.1.2 / OpenSSH 6.1p1-11:

    SSH doesn’t work anymore? Connecting via FileZilla or Terminal gets timeout errors.

    1. Installous went months ago. Cydia and vshare and appcake now but theyre nowhere near as good

      1. Actually those arent what i use bcuz what i found that was a lot easier and simpler and closely related to installous is this thing called zeusmos its amazing and really helps alot

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  7. I got my ipad and iphone done with no problems. But if I try to add a source and download something I get server errors. Im gussing there are alot of people downloading or something like that. But the jailbreak it self is so ez thanks guys!

  8. You are achen-breaknen my iPhone man.Can’t wait no-longer,my fingers are breaknen apart,waiten all night till them apples I have want to break apart.

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