How to Download iOS 7

Today marks the start of WWDC 2013, which will start off with a keynote speech, introducing iOS 7.  Developers will be able to get their hands on iOS 7 Download shortly afterwards when Apple releases the first iOS 7 Beta version to them.  It is hoped that, all being well, iOS 7 will be made available to the public sometime in September or October, so, to make sure you are ready when it does, we are going to tell you how to upgrade your device to the latest firmware.

Note : iOS 7 Supported Devices – Link .

How to download iOS 7 :

ios 7 iPhone 5 ipsw

There are 3 methods of doing it :

Method 1 – iOS 7 IPSW

  1. Download the beta iOS 7 IPSW firmware file to your computer . ( Now Available to Developers on iPhone Dev Centre for $99 years subscription fee )iOS7beta1
  2. Open up iTunes and make sure you connect your device to your computer
  3. Choose your device from the list on the left of your screen
  4. Press on the SHIFT button and press on Update in iTunes at the same time itunes-updates-iOS-7
  5. Browse to the iOS 7 ipsw file downloaded in Step 1 and select it .
  6. iTunes will now proceed to update your device with the latest firmware.

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Method 2 – iTunes

  1. Open up iTunes and, using the USB cable connect your device to your PC
  2. Choose your device from the list that will appear
  3. Go to the Navigation  menu and click on Help > Check for Updates iphone 5 itunes update search
  4. iTunes will now download the required firmware file

Method 3 – OTA

This is the best way to upgrade your device firmware, however, if you are intending to jailbreak, its best to use one of the other methods as this one tends to interfere with the jailbreak utilities.

  1. On your device Home screen – tap on Settings > General > Software Update iOS-6.1.3 ipsw download
  2. Ensure that your device has a working Wi-Fi connection and is connected to the internet
  3. Your device will now look for any upgrades to your firmware and will inform you if there are any
  4. Choose to download and your device will be upgraded. It will restart once the installation is complete.

So, there you have it, 3 easy ways to upgrade your firmware to iOS 7, when it becomes available. Please do not rush to go looking for it just yet; when it is released it will only be for developers initially. We will keep you informed of when it is going to be released to the public. Subscribe with your email address below to get the updates via email .

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iOS 7 At a Glance :

iOS 7 Features : Full UnCut Video Release :




  1. I wanna jailbreak my iphone 4 version iOS 7.1 Can you please send me the instructions? Thank you!

  2. I’ve waited 20 minutes+ for iOS 7.0.2
    Download to my Win 7 PC without any
    success. Why the problem as I also want
    iOS 7.0.3 as I do not want OTA Upgrades.
    Anybody have suggestion. Thank you.

  3. Hi Guys

    I was just wondering will there be a jailbreak soon for ios 7 when it comes out tomorrow. Should I just jailbreak my phone using the existing ios 6.1.3 ?

    Some help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. hey guys !! If you want to use IOS 7 beta 5 now *or* IF ur stuck in the activation screen then, register your UDID to get activated in ios 7 legitimately !

    I am registering UDID to Apple Developer account for $15USD each device for IOS 7 BETA 5. Once your UDID is registered then you can update to ios 7 beta without any problem and your iphone will be activated. You will enjoy full features of IOS 7 beta.If your interested then inbox me or you can Email me too ( Thanks

  5. Hey sourish,
    Am a iOS developer,but access to your above link is actually denied ,any clue?
    On the other hand in the iOS dev portal ,they have given an option like “Review license agreement” to experience the new priviliges but the problem is the license agreement is not at all visible , any sugg?

    1. Sorry dude , no idea as why it is not working. We are using pirated links to download and activate iOS 7 on our iPhone 5 without UDID registration .

  6. You can get your UDID activated on a number of sites, then install the beta version of ios7. jailbreakmodo dot com works They were really fast and im actually running ios7 on my phone.

    Its a really cool OS. Im surprised all of the features they added and settings that they actually let you change. I feel like Steve Jobs wouldn’t have had this many features enabled in an iOS if he was still in charge. Theres no jailbreak yet, but honestly, most of the reason I jailbreak is for SBSettings and the toggles are built into iOS7 anyway.

    1. i know i just installed it this morning and except for a couple moments of lag, which i cant complain about since its a beta, its pretty amazing. and i inverted the colors so the os even looks sexier. apple might have just finally got something right for once

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