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Apple has today released iOS 6.1.2, its second release in 2 weeks.  This update is to fix bugs in the Exchange Calendar and to sort out the Passcode issue that was highlighted last week.  What it doesn’t do is affect the untethered jailbreak which is good news for the millions of evasi0n users. And now, hot on the heels of Apple’s release, comes Evasi0n 1.4 with added support for iOS 6.1.2.

Update : Download Evasi0n 1.5 latest version


If you are one of those who has updated their device to 6.1.2 then you should go and download this new version of evasi0n. If you haven’t updated you device and you have already used evasi0n to jailbreak then stay as you are; 1.4 doesn’t include any extras except for 6.1.2 support.

For those of you who are on iOS 6.1.1 or below who want to upgrade to 6.1.2 and still keep your jailbreak, you should backup your device, use iTunes to restore it to 6.1.2 and then use evasi0n 1.4 to jailbreak.

Download :

Evasi0n 1.4 can be found here and you can follow our tutorials to safely jailbreak your device here .

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Posted by Filip on - 20 February 2013

6 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. josh says:

    to hard to understand

  2. mark craufurd says:

    couldn’t get 5Icon dock to work for ages, then it did , don’t know how, but then got crazy stuff like sms texts arriving from “who” number withheld and message un accessible. Couldn’t fix. Lost 30 or so messages. Finally went into DFU mode restarted again. did this from 6.0.1, then 6.1, finally the latest 6.1.1 and now with all fingers and toes (and everything else I can cross) 6.0.2
    I really hope it was something I did wrong, even though I tried to back up both devices with iTunes,iCloud, and Tiny Umbre;;a
    Any one out there have any ideas about why this evasi0n exploit won’t do 5Icon Dock? 5Rows works immediately.
    Also whats with the messages coming through without a sender or a way to read them, or a way to reply???? even after DFU’ing the iPhone 4???

  3. soulesss says:

    ClamXAV detected a virus with evasion 1.4 that’s provided on this page… anyone else got that?

  4. Ignifugo says:

    One question. I got a jailbroken Iphone 4 on 6.1.1 I cant get to work the maps app. Is that because of the jailbreak? Any solutions?

  5. Michael Murphy says:


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