This section contains direct download links to various files and programs required for jailbreaking , unlocking your iPhone and other iOS devices . Bookmark this page for future reference by pressing Cltr+D on your keyboard .

download_smallJailbreak Tools :

  1. RedSn0w
  2. TinyUmbrella
  3. Absinthe
  4. Greenpois0n
  5. Evasi0n Jailbreak
  6. Sn0wbreeze

IPSW Downloads :

  1. iOS 6.1 
  2. iOS 6.2
  3. more …

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39 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Big boss says:

    How to download cydia

  2. nagasrinivas says:

    how to unlock iphone 6 ( network locked to AT&A)
    pls guide the step by step

  3. Proxy says:

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  4. Allen Diocles says:

    My ipad 3rd gen it fail to update, and when it success and prompt come says to wait until ipad restart it but does not restart any more. When i it plug in PC is shows the usb and itune logo on ipad screen,

    when it fail itune says The ipad “ipad” could not be restored.An unknown error occured (14)

  5. Patty says:

    Plz help me how I can down load whatsapp on air iPad without Using pc .

  6. Noor says:

    Help me how to download cydia please I can’t they said error to download this file :(

    • Herdi says:

      Pangu download works

    • Godson says:

      Please contact Itunes Support to comtlepe this transaction Is what I get after selecting None and filling out the form (correctly and comtlepely)YAY! It looks like Apple want me to jump through another hoop just to make sure VERY FEW people are able to create an account without handing over some moolah.One word for ya: CUNT.

  7. Aya says:

    please help me install whatsapp on ipad mini

    • Hamood says:

      I will help you how to download whatsapp in your ipad if you have you will open and you will see error if you have jailbreak open cydia and download whatsspad its will enlable to whatsapp in ipad or ipod

  8. Garrett says:

    Can u please tell me how to download cydia because I want to jailbreak my games

  9. Garrett says:

    Uh how do I download cydia

  10. Fahd mohamed says:

    شلون احمل سيديا

  11. bandar says:

    شكراً لكم يا اصحاب الجلبريك من دونكم ضايعين

  12. Ras hid says:

    How to download cydia

  13. rajiv verma says:

    hello i can not restore my iphone 5s from itune he show me error 3194 i have jailbreak iphone \5s ios 7.0.4 ppllzz help me how can i restore my iphone

    • Stories84 says:

      You are unable to use iTunes 11.1 to restore any of the iOS 7.0. -- 7.0.6 once 7.1 was released. have a 5 and have been looking for a way to upgrade from 7.0.4 to 7.0.6 but so far no luck! Also unable to use older copy of iTunes due to 7.x dependencies!

  14. amit singh says:

    how to download this apps

  15. Rahul Sharma says:

    helooo admin i have iphone 5 ios 7.0.4 jailbroken device i just want ios6 lock screen battery widget can you please tell me how can i get it

    sorry for my english

  16. CS says:

    Hello, in search of a lock screen weather tweak from Cydia for iOS 7? Thanks

  17. millicent says:

    Hi,I’m Millicent.can you please tell me how to download whatsapp to android tablet?

  18. Claudio says:

    Ciao, ho un iphone 4 gsm 16gb, sono riuscito a fare il downgrade da ios 7 ad ios 6.1.3;
    Tramite ifaith, ora vorrei farlo da ios 6.1.3 ad ios 6.1.2, ho gli shsh salvati nel mio pc, ma ifaith non me li riconosce.
    Sono riuscito a creare il custom firmware usando redsn0w, ma quando faccio la procedura di restoring con itunes mi escono fuori i seguenti errori:
    3194 se non uso iReb per mettere l’iphone in DFU;
    1600 se uso iReb.
    Qualcuno mi può aiutare per favore????
    Sto usando la versione di itunes
    Grazie del tempo che mi verrà dedicato.

  19. Baby raj says:

    Hi , I am babu , I want jailbreak my iPhone 5 (6.1.4) , pls help me anybody …

  20. nitin godhwani says:

    I want internet setting for i phone5 pls help me how to do

  21. says:

    never had a problem with my iphone5 after jailbreaking with 6.1 Evasi0n.. Do i need to jailbreak using the newer revisions?? #aintbrokedontfix

  22. cybermario says:

    links are down

  23. Norman says:

    Where’s the link for tinyumbrella on this page also IPSW downloads which is which as it shows IPSW for 6.1 and 6.2 I never knew apple had released a 6.2 update ??? Come on guys lets get this right it’s not that hard surely are those downloads 6.01 and 6.02 please Clarify this point

  24. alptz says:

    Download TinyUmbrella?

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