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Whether you are a seasoned jailbreaker or a new kid on the block, the main reason you have jailbroken your device is so that you can install some of those cool apps and tweaks that alow you to do things Apple won’t.  For those of you that have already done the process, and for those that are thinking about it, here are the Top 10 Best Cydia Repo’s for 2013.  First of all though, for those who don’t know how.

How to add a repo into Cydia :

  1. Open Cydia from the icon on your home screen
  2. Tap on Manage – located at the bottom of the main page
  3. Tap on Sources
  4. Tap on Edit – top right hand side of the screen
  5. Tap on Add – top left
  6. Now you need to type in the Cydia/APT URL and tap on add source
  7. Whenever you get a message that says add anyway tap on it if it is applicable to the source you are adding

Now for the Top 10 best Cydia repos for 2013 , in no particular order:

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  • xSellizexsellize-repo This is one of the most popular Cydia repos that just keeps on going.  It’s a must for all retro gamers as it contains ROM packages to play NES, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo 64 games on emulators. It also contains a load of apps and tweaks like Appsync 4.0+/5.0+ and GravityLockscreen.

Add this to Cydia:

  • SiNful iPhone sinfuliphonerepo

Sinful is another highly popular repo that has over 300,000 users. It provided a whole host of cracked apps for free and it also contains a range of apps and tweaks such as AdBlocker, AndroidLock XT, FolderLock and MultiFl0w.

Add this to Cydia:

  • ModMyi modmyi

This is the second largest repo on Cydia that contains apps, tweaks, mods and themes, everything you could possibly want to modify your device. Not all of them are free but they are legitimate. Some of the more notable ones are Dreamboard, Boxer HD Theme, Wake With Weather and SMS Timestamps.

Add this to Cydia:

  • iCause FXicausefx

iCauseFx contains a lot of different apps and tweaks that allow you to customize and modify your device how you want it.

Add this to Cydia:

  • iHackstore   ihackstore

This cydia repo has a huge number of apps and tweaks, some that are cracked and some that are legitimate. It also lets you have a free trial of any new Cydia application which is a great way of trying before you buy. Content includes Graviboard, GroupSMS, Foldersinfolders and Free Sync. Add this to Cydia:

  • Bite Your Applebiteyourapple

BieYourApple is a top Italian source repo that has a wide array of great apps, tweaks and mods such as Springtomize 2, GravityLock Screen, infinidock and infiniboard. It is also being constantly updated with new ones.

Add this to Cydia:

  • iHacksihacksrepo

iHacks is a great all in one repo that has just about everything you could possibly want to customize and modify your iOS device, including a number of DLC’s for app store apps.  Others include FaceBreak, Auto3G, iFile, Applocker and RetinaPad.

Add this to Cydia:

  • Hack Your iPhonehackyouriphone

This is another all in one source that contains all you need and more. It’s updated with new apps, tweaks, themes and mods regularly and includes popular ones like Notipad, Dashboard X, iBlacklist and FolderEnhancer.

Add this to Cydia:


  • Insanelyi



This repo contains a while host of customization tools with over 6500 packages that are being added to on a daily basis.  There are a lot of legitimate free apps including some for Apple TV.  Others include LockLauncher, Winterboard and Dreamboard themes, SBRotator and MovetoUnlock.

Add this to Cydia:

  • iForce

iForce is the last, but by no means least, in our list of the best repos. It only has a few iOS tweaks but they are good ones and very useful. Their list includes AirBlue Sharing, AirBlue GPS, iBluever and iTether.

Add this to Cydia:

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Posted by Nathan on - 12 February 2013

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