Call Recorder for iPhone 5 – Jailbreak App

The rules about recording calls differ from area to area and country to country. However, for those who are interested in it a new Cydia tweak is about to be released. It’s called Call Recorder and it was developed by Elias Limneos. Right now, it’s with BigBoss for approval before it can be uploaded to Cydia.

Update : The app has been named Audio Recorder and is available for Free under ModMyi Repo . Download instructions here .

call recoder iPhone 5S

Call Recorder is not free; it’s priced at $3.99. Because of the audio codecs supported, the tweak will only be compatible with the iPhone 5 for both speaker and receiver recording and the iPhone 4S for speaker recording only.

If you can’t wait for it to arrive on the BigBoss repo you can add the repo yourself and download the tweak. Go to Cydia, tap on Manage, Sources, Edit and Add and then type in Tap on add source. Once down you can now search for and download Call Recorder.

iphone 5 call recorder

Be aware that, because call recording is not legal everywhere, a feature has been built-in to the tweak to inform that other party that the call is being recorded.  Once the call is recorded it is saved directly on to your iPhone so there’s no need for any internet connection.




  1. very good for start,but i want to transfer all records to pc at ouns,not jast email oun by oun,is ther eny app that can do it?

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