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Buy Google ChromeCast to Transfer Video to your HDMI TV


Media streaming is currently enjoying its most popular era ever and, to keep in with the market, Google has just released their brand new streaming device. It’s called ChromeCast and it makes streaming content from a phone, tablet or PC to your television easy.

chromecast hdmi video transfer dongle

Features :

Google ChromeCast looks like a large thumb drive. It plugs into the HDMI port on the back or side of your television and is powered by USB. It allows content streaming from any platform, not just Google and it looks as though it can turn your ordinary HDTV into one of the newer smart TV’s without you having to spend an absolute fortune to get one.

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hdmi video transfer from pc chromecast

Although it sounds a little like Apple TV, it does have a few differences.  Start streaming a movie via ChromeCast from your tablet to your TV and, while it’s playing you can use other apps as well. And the best thing about is, it works cross-platform, allowing you to use Android, iOS, Windows or any other platform to stream your content.

Availability :

google chromecast hdmi streaming to tv

ChromeCast is currently available through the Google Play Store for US users and is being rolled out across other countries as soon as possible.  It can also be purchased on Amazon and BestBuy.com and will shortly be available in Best Buy Stores across the US as well.

Price :

Google Chromecast is selling for the princely sum of just $35 and that includes 3 months free Netflix subscription out of the box.

YouTube Video :

Similar Items :

People could be forgiven for thinking that Google ChromeCast is old hat technology. Indeed, there are other products that turn your ordinary TV into an internet ready one, the 3 most notable ones being Apple TV, Roku and Boxee. However, the big difference is in price  with all 3 retailing at around $100 compared to Google’s $35. And of course there’s the size – all 3 of these are set-top boxes, albeit not huge ones whereas ChromeCast is a small thumb drive. Another product that can turn your TV into an internet ready Smart TV is the POV Smart TV Dongle, same size but still retailing at around $100

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Posted by Pete on - 26 July 2013

3 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Haga says:

    Why u need this. Most tv now have dlna.

  2. Ronny Llerena says:

    Finally a company that is giving us all a break in price,not just draining our pockets like Apple with it’s Apple TV, Roku,etc. Plus 3 free months of Netflix, if I had seen this sooner I wouldn’t have bought my Apple TV, period. Kudos, Google.

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