$99 Roku 3 is out to take on Apple TV

Roku have, for a long time, been trying to get the better of Apple and beat them at their own game. We’re talking about their TV streaming service of course and now they have just released their 3rd gen set-top box in a bid to knock Apple TV out of the way.  It’s called Roku 3 and it’s full of features that might just make Apple sit up and take note.

roku-3 vs apple tv

For a start it’s cheaper, at just $99 and it’s due to hit the in store market next month. However, you can buy it now, online from their official website  or on Amazon.com.  The new, updated box features an HDMI port with full support for HD streaming. It is compatible with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi internet and it has a USB port and Bluetooth capabilities.

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Memory can be expanded with a micro SD slot. Add to that a brand new Broadcom ARM Cortex A9 dual core processor you get a tiny little box that is powerful and better than ever before for gaming and movies. The Roku 3 also features a more user-friendly interface, allowing for much easier menu navigation. This can be performed just by using the arrow buttons on the supplied remote control.



It also has a newer, more improved search engine incorporated, which, although it still isn’t the best, does work hard to get you your results. You can search with a variety of criteria and the results are compiled from various sources, such as HBO or Netflix. You choose which service you want to use.  The new remote now features a pair of micro-headphones, allowing you to listen to what’s on TV, wirelessly.

Although it isn’t officially out yet, there have been a few reviews from those that have tested the new Roku 3, one of whom is Walt Mossberg, of The Wall Street Journal.  He feels that, whilst the box showcases quite a few unique features, it is still a long way off of competing with Apple TV.  While it allows developers to create and write their apps directly on the box, it doesn’t have any support for mobile devices.  Unlike Apple TV, you will not be able to stream content from your tablet or smartphone. Roku 3 does allow for music and picture streaming with an Android app but there is no access to YouTube or iTunes support, which will affect a lot of users.

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What do you think ? Will you be buying one or will you stick with Apple ?




  1. To clarify the Roku 3 functions much better than the Apple tv 2 as a plex client. It loads faster has 1080p support and no jailbreak is necessary to load the client. If you use plex then upgrade to the Roku you won’t be disappointed.

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