9 Ways Samsung Has Blatantly Copied Apple

Apple and Samsung are 2 of the biggest companies in the  world. Not  a month passes without them finding something else to lock horns about but  they are the only 2, out of all the mobile companies in the world, who actually make any real money with their products.

In 2007, Apple came up with the first real smartphone. Out of everybody, Samsung was the one who picked up the baton and ran the quickest with it.  They are the company who has adapted the most to the smartphone revolution and we wonder if the reasoning behind that is because of their propensity in copying Apple. Here are 9 ways in which Samsung have copied Apple:

1.       Voice Recorder App

A quick look at the app on the Samsung Galaxy SII could have you thinking you were looking at an iPhone app as they are so much alike.

voice recorder samsung galaxy vs iphone

2.       Charger Port

Take a look at the charger port on the Galaxy Tab 1 and see how alike it is to the iPad. Samsung now use USB.

galaxy charger vs iphone charger

3.       Old Charging Bricks

Compare an old Samsung one to an Old Apple one and see if you can tell the difference.

usb charger samsung vs iphone

4.       Packaging

The packaging on the Galaxy Tab is very similar to the iPad packaging.

samsung galaxy tab vs ipad

5.       Icons

Samsung  icons for things like the Phone App, ones that are common to Smartphone’s, look very much like Apple icons.

samsung icons vs iphone icons

6.       Lookalike Phones

How many others think that the first Galaxy S Phone is very similar to the iPhone ?


7.       Wallets

Samsung Wallet was created after Apple’s Passbook and both are virtually identical apps.


8.       Stores

Some of the Samsung Stores look very much like Apple stores.

samsung store vs apple store

9.       Mini Stores

Samsung has these within Best Buy Stores, there to help with issues on the Galaxy phones and tablets. Bit like Apple’s Genius bars then.





  1. This is so stupid! A lot of the things that are “copied” dont have any other options….how the hell is packing both tablets in a white box “copying”. This is a stupid article.

  2. This article is using Apple’s bogus pictures for the visual comparison of the devices themselves. For the icons this is somewhat legitimate, but for the devices themselves, you’ve got the Galaxy S sized the same as the iPhone when it was actually a much larger device.

  3. Who wrote this an apple employee firstly Nokia had charger cables like that way back in the green screen days and USB chargers were also around then .I laugh my fucking arse off at all the apple Muppet’s around that would buy a piece of dog shit if it was called idogshit get a grip people

  4. I like the iPhone but it has lost a lot of appeal to the Samsung Galaxy S4 now because it’s screen is too small now compaired to most smart phones!

  5. I am reading these comments and my immediate question is: Do you have to write like an uneducated idiot, with no grammar, no punctuation, no thought constructions, and so on? And, do you have to use swearwords? Is it mandatory?

  6. C’mon stop being so “poke them in the eye”. If a user chose his phone is not because is like Apple, but for his performances or battery autonomy. If Samsung make copies they will pay in justice. We all tested all kind of phone interfaces from Symbian to Android with all kind of mods. So the developers toke this mods and make a “springboard” that is fine and simple. So please stop writing this nonsense articles, Apple copied every good thing in phones and pc. And others re-copied Apple. And others copied the copies and so on. When a thing is good, is used and it is popular and it is copied because some are too lazy to invest in research to invent. Take the wheel for example, there are so many copies in the world, nobody cares.
    So in conclusion, I could point you to more than 100 things that have been copied on i devices but they were put in right order/place.
    This article is wrong, have you been paid to write it ?

  7. Biggest load of tosh ever!!! I have a fact about these 9 statements, they are all factually wrong!

  8. Samsung is just a silly copycat. No inventions straight copy. I’ve read they’re the #1 ctrl+c/ctrl+v users in the smartphone industry :-D.

    To the guy who’s talking about the wallet. Let’s say you are right about that. Let me know your thoughts on S-voice, the capacitive touch, the google play, kies, icons, etc etc.

    Some bugs were found on the samsung devices similar to iOS but were thought of as feature so were copied LOL

    1. lol samsung invented amoled displays and now flexible amoled displays, they are both good companies and they both copy alot of things from everyone and they both don’t give a fuck about you they just want your money so stop being a fanboy

  9. Its also worth noting the companies (Samsung & Foxconn) made a lot of the tech that Apple used in its smart phone devices.

    It is a rather biased article as equally, both companies are as bad as one another.

  10. You should get your facts straight but you are called jailbreakmod so we all know who side your on even know your wrong

  11. This is the most incorrect article I’ve ever read in my whole entire life! Passbook was only released in iOS6 which came after Samsungs wallet! I’m not even going to point out everything wrong because that would take me too much effort!

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