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Essential iOS Apps to Download after Setting Up New iPhone

google maps iphone 6

Finding the best apps amongst the hundreds of thousands that are available on the Apple app store can be a bit of a minefield. Obviously, much will depend on the type of app you are looking for but there are some that you shouldn’t be without, regardless. Here we look at the Top 11 Must

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Google ChromeCast Jailbreak


A few months ago, Google announced the ChromeCast. It’s actually streaming dongle that allows you to watch internet content on your HDTV. The response was a little mixed; some were interested in the cross-platform device while others said that it did nothing more than Apple TV and Airplay could do. For those stuck in the middle, there

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How to Install Latest iOS Beta without Developers Account

ios 9 beta 4 download small

iOS 9 has been revealed by Apple at the WWDC 2015 and users all around the world are excited about the new firmware, which brings a lot of new features along with Apple Music. Another good news that came with it is that Apple had started seeding the beta versions of iOS 9 just after the

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How to Spot a Fake Facebook Account

fake facebook

Security on Facebook is a huge issue and one of the biggest causes of concern is the amount of fake profiles that have been popping up.  It’s been estimated that there are a staggering 80 million + fake profiles on Facebook, that’s around 6% of all profiles.  Fake profiles cause a great deal of trouble

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