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Use WhatsApp on PC or Mac – How to Setup Tutorial

install whatsapp small

At long last, the single most requested feature on WhatsApp has arrived – a web client that allows you to use the app on your desktop. It’s called WhatsApp Web and is not available for iOS users. WhatsApp say that this is because of platform restrictions on iOS so don’t expect to see it in

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Download WhatsApp for Mac – WhatsMac App for OSX

whatsapp for mac download

WhatsApp is aimed towards mobile devices, which is all well and good. But, if you spend a good part of your day in front of a Mac, you probably wish that you had an easier way to message your friends. Many other message platforms, including iMessage have an app for the Mac and it seems

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Microphone Not Working on iPhone 6 Plus – How to Fix This

Apple-iPhone-6-mic port not working

The primary use of a phone is to talk, and you cannot do that when the microphone in your iPhone isn’t working. This issue can be irritating to you as well as to the person on the other end of the call. Many obstructions can cause these problems. Image : iPhone 6 Mic Not Working

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Essential iOS Apps to Download after Setting Up New iPhone

google maps iphone 6

Finding the best apps amongst the hundreds of thousands that are available on the Apple app store can be a bit of a minefield. Obviously, much will depend on the type of app you are looking for but there are some that you shouldn’t be without, regardless. Here we look at the Top 11 Must

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