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How to Add BigBoss Repo Source on Cydia Once Deleted

bigboss repo3

For some people the act of jailbreaking is a simple one. Cydia is installed with all its default repos and it works perfectly. For others though, the story is a different one. There have been a number of people who jailbreak who have found that one of the main default repositories is not there and

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New Google Camera Translate for iPhone is Unbelievable

google translate

Always a popular app for travelers, Google Translate has just received an update that makes it the must-have app for anyone who is travelling anywhere, especially to a foreign country. The first part of the update makes the app available to iOS users now instead of just those using Android devices and the second part

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Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 – Free Upgrade for Win 8 & 7

windows 10

Not so long back, Microsoft would have attached hefty price tags to its new operating systems but, with the upcoming all new Windows 10, that seems to have changed. At their media event, the Redmond Company announced that Windows 10 would be free to all users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Of course, there

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Microsoft IE Days Finally Over – Spartan Browser Now Official

Spartan small

Rather than announcing any previously unknown information on Windows 10 at their media event, Microsoft seems to have done nothing more than confirm the rumors that have been going around for the last few months. At the beginning of January we told you about one rumor that said Microsoft was going to retire Internet Explorer

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Microsoft Showcases “IRON MAN” like Holographic Display


It’s taken then a while but Microsoft is gradually turning into a forward-thinking company, thanks in part to the new CEO, Satya Nadella who said at their recent media event that he wants Microsoft to be seen, not as a product but as a service. Recently there were rumors that the company were set to

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AppAddict Download and Installation Tutorial 2015

appaddict icon

A few years ago, Install0us was the app of choice to downloading pirate apps. However, that disappeared, along with Hackul0us, overnight, leaving those who dabble in piracy without a means of getting their favorite apps for nothing. In its wake, a lot of alternatives appeared on the scene but the most popular one by far

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How to Use WhatsApp on PC or Mac – Easy Setup Tutorial

install whatsapp small

At long last, the single most requested feature on WhatsApp has arrived – a web client that allows you to use the app on your desktop. It’s called WhatsApp Web and is not available for iOS users. WhatsApp say that this is because of platform restrictions on iOS so don’t expect to see it in

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WhatsApp Finally Available on PC and Mac Officially

whatsapp on pc and mac

Late last year, we told you How to install WhatsApp on your PC and Mac desktops but it involved a fiddly procedure and the requirement for an Android-based mobile device. That changes today as WhatsApp releases the official apps for web browsers on both the Mac and Windows-based desktops. Just so you know though, the

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Facebook Adds Option to Mark Hoax News on your Timeline


Facebook is constantly being updated with one feature or another and is also big on bringing in changes to fight against spammers. They have now announced that they are coming up with a number of changes that will reduce the number of fake, hoax or misleading news stories that appear in your News Feed. Included

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Who is Apple’s Newest Competition Xiaomi ?

Xiaomi launch

Apple has always been at the top for quality and features in their products and, until now, the only company that has been anywhere near them is Samsung. Following a disastrous year in 2014, the Korean company has slipped back a few notches but that doesn’t mean that apple has time to take a rest.

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Tech Companies must Build Back Doors into Software – asks President Obama


Mobile security is a hot topic at the moment and one thing that Apple does focus on is safety of data. With iOS 7 and 8, the Cupertino Company has made good progress on keeping data safe but the fact that there is no backdoor into the software has caused no small amount of debate.

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iPhone 6 Plus has a New Competition – Xiaomi Mi Note


It would appear that Apple might have some serious competition on its hands. Xiaomi, a company known as “The Apple of China” has just revealed its new Mi Note, their flagship device thought to be the biggest challenge to the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s a masterpiece of curvy glass and metal with Gorilla Glass 3,

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