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How to Clean Install OSX Yosemite on your MacBook

install yosemite small

While most people who upgrade to OS X Yosemite will go through normal channels and update via the Mac App store, there are those who prefer to start from scratch and perform a clean install. What this means is the hard drive is wiped clean and Yosemite installed as a fresh copy but the user

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Downgrade Yosemite to Mavericks

smallyosemite to mavericks downgrade

If you recently upgraded your Mac to OS X Yosemite and, for some reason, are not happy with it, you can downgrade back to Mavericks if you want to. However, there are a couple of things to know before attempting it . Image : Downgrading Yosemite to Mavericks You must have a recent Mavericks back

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Tim Cook Publicly Announces he is Gay and Proud of It

timcook apple

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has publicly announced, via an editorial published in Businessweek, that he is gay. Normally a very private person, he says that he has never denied that he is gay but then he has never, until now, acknowledged it in public, although many of his colleagues at Apple were aware. Image

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Quick FileTransfer between iPhone to Mac using AirDrop – How to

airdrop ios 8

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to easily share photos and files between your devices. Previously incompatible, with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 you can now share between iOS and Mac devices as well giving you an extra option for file storage. Image : Apple AirDrop Feature for Fast File TRansfer between Apple

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Speed Up Slow Yosemite on your Mac

mac yosemite download small

OS X Yosemite is the very latest software for Macs but, while it runs perfectly Ok on the newer models, some users of older Macs are finding it a little on the sluggish side. There are any number of reasons for this and a few things you can do to help speed things up .

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Download Apple Watch Interface on your iPhone 6

iwatch ui on iphone 6

Not so long back, a concept appeared depicting what the Apple Watch user interface would like on a full size iOS screen. One of the better designs we’ve seen for some time, you can now get it on your iPhone or iPad for free. Image : Download Apple Watch Interface on your iPhone 6 To get

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How to Block – Stop Facebook Candy Crush Requests

candy crush saga block facebook

Even if you use Facebook every single day it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play games on it. Even if you have never played any game on Facebook, it doesn’t stop the irritation of constant game requests and one of the most constant requests that goes out is for Candy Crush Saga Image :

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Smart Baggage for iPhone 6 Users

smart bag for iphone

As the years go by the world becomes more technologically connected as we move from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets. The advent of wearable tech is on the increase as well with smart watches appearing everywhere you turn. Image : Smart Luggage for iPhone Users The world of travel has staggered along behind,

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Top Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 8

pangu jailbreak ios 8

A few days ago, Pangu released their iOS 8-8.1 jailbreak. Originally, it was released without Cydia and was meant for developers but Cydia has now been updated to support iOS 8 and can be downloaded manually. Or, you could wait until Pangu releases a complete jailbreak. Image : Top Reasons for iOS 8 Jailbreak In

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Auto Screen Lock Time Setting on iPhone 6 Plus – How to

lcokscreen iphone 6

Improving security and battery life are two of the most important things to an iPhone user. Although the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have even more security features and better battery life than any other, there is still something you can do to help improve things further. Image : Auto Screen Lock Time Setting on iPhone

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iPad Air 2 is 55% Faster than iPhone 6 Plus with its 2GB RAM

ipad air 2 speed

Due to be officially released today, the iPad Air 2 has been extensively talked about in terms of power and, during the announcement on 16th October, Apple touted it as one of their fastest devices. We normally take these claims with a pinch of salt until they are proven – right or wrong. Image : iPad

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How to Setup Emergency Locate Feature on iPhone 6 Plus

find my iphone 6 icon small

Find My iPhone is 4 years old this year and is still one of the most successful methods of locating lost and stolen iPhones. Together with Activation Lock, introduced with iOS 7 last year, Find My iPhone has been responsible for a reduction in the number of iPhone thefts in the last 12 months. Image

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