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First Time Video of iPhone 6 Boot Up Released

iphone 6 bootup small

We now have the official confirmation of the Apple media event on 9th September where the iPhone 6 will be officially unveiled in all its glory. Although we have seen dozens of leaked images over the last few months nobody has been able to get a peek at the real thing as a complete unit

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iPhone 6 and 6L to Have Significantly Higher Price Tags

iphone-6l small

This last year has seen a lot of rumors, leaks and speculation about the upcoming iPhone 6 models. We do now have official confirmation of the media event on September 9th where both models are expected to be revealed and, in a change to the normal schedule, Apple has chosen to hold the event at

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Users Vote Pangu as one of the Easiest iPhone Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak small

Despite some people’s warnings that the latest firmwares would kill off jailbreaking, in actual fact the opposite has happened. First introduced in 2007, shortly after the first iPhone was released, the act of jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is still going, stronger today than it ever has been. Image : Pangu Jailbreak In

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Samsung Announces “Sim” Enabled Gear S Smartwatch


So far, we have seen a number of different smartwatches and a lot more are expected to be released in the near future, based on the new Android Wear. Apple is expected to unveil their iWatch in September but, in the meantime, Samsung look as if they are on a bid to take over the

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Apple Begins Preparation for its Sept 9 Launch Event

Flint-Center-Apple iphone 6l

We now have confirmation of Apple’s special media event and, as expected, it will take place on September 9th. The significant change is the venue – normally Apple’s media events are held at the Yerba Buena Center however, this time, they have opted for the much larger Flint Center of Performing Arts. Image : Apple

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Cydia iOS 7 Repo Sources – 2014 Final

cydia repo ios 8 2014 small

iOS 8 is set be released to the public sometime in the next few weeks. We have an as yet unconfirmed date of September 9th for Apple’s special media event where they will unveil the finished product, along with the new hardware and an expected release date. Image : Cydia 2014 Final Repo Sources There

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Simple Tutorial to Download AppAddict to Install Free Apps

appaddict ios 8 iphone 6 small

Not so long back, we talked about an alternative to Install0us, the cracked app installer that disappeared with Hackul0us. The alternative is called AppAddict and we are going to tell you how to use it on your iPhone or iPad and get your hands on paid apps for nothing. Image: AppAddict Download Tutorial First of

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Apple To Announce iWatch – iPhone 6L at Sept 9 Event

apple-invite sept 9 iphone 6L small

Samsung has already beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to wearable tech with a number of different smartwatches and there are a lot more big names joining in as well. Its long been rumored that this will be the year Apple releases their offering, dubbed the iWatch, perhaps not long after the iPhone

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8 Tera Byte Hard Drive Unveiled by Seagate

hard drive disk plate manufacturing small

Sometimes you need to know that your files are safe and, while the cloud is easy to use and convenient, you just can’t beat knowing that everything is on a hard drive within easy reach. If you are one of those that needs loads of space, say you need to store thousands of high-resolution photos,

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Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Challenges iPhone 5s

ice bucket iphone

Every time you turn on the TV, open your Facebook or Twitter page or go onto the internet, the first thing you are likely to be faced with is something called the Ice Bucket Challenge. So far, hundreds of thousands of people, including a number of high-profile celebrities, have taken part in the challenge to

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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program – Are you Eligible


Do you have an iPhone 5? Are you noticing any issues with the battery, such as a much shorter life, needing to be recharged much more often? If you are, you might be interested in a program that Apple started yesterday. Image : Apple Start Faulty Battery Replacement Program on iPhone 5 It’s a Battery

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A Famous Steve Jobs Speech is Hidden on Your Mac


If you have a Mac and you have an app called pages for OS X installed, there is a little Easter Egg hidden away. It is a combination of two speeches that Steve Jobs made – the Crazy Ones Think Different speech and, perhaps the more memorable one, a Stanford University speech he made in

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