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The Real Reasons Why People Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak small

Jailbreaking has always had a bit of a bad reputation, regardless of how much good press the jailbreak community gives it. As with anything, there are always those misconceptions and myths and there will always be the naysayers who don’t really understand what they are saying no to. So for them, this post is to

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Download 64bit Google Chrome – Highly Optimized for Mac

mac google chrome

If you use Mac OS X and like to use the Chrome web browser, the latest release will interest you. Chrome 39 has now been released and is the first stable build of a browser with 64-bit optimization for OS X. Chrome 39, which has been in beta for a while, also offers support for

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How to Enable Always On 4G LTE on iPhone 6 Plus or Later

4g lte small

4G LTE connectivity is a wonderful addition to any mobile device but many iOS users have noticed that, when the signal is weak, iOS automatically switches to a 3G connection. This is useful to some and it conserves battery. It also saves a lot of frustration when signals are weak but not everyone wants to

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Fix iPhone Boot after Installing UnSupported Cydia iOS 8 App

spinning wheel restart problems small

Despite the constant onslaught from those who say that jailbreaking is dangerous and can destroy your iOS device, the people behind the scenes put an awful lot of effort into ensuring that the opposite is true. Saurik, the driving force behind Cydia, works hard at making sure jailbreakers can use Cydia without any issues. Image

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Russia to BAN iPhone & iPad Use Countrywide from 2015

iphone banned russia

An interesting report out today claims that, from 1st January 2015, Russia will be banning anyone in the country from owning any Apple iPad or iPhone. Before Apple fans storm the country demanding a backdown by the government, it may be worth bearing in mind why they want to do it. Image : Russia Bans

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How iPhone 6 with only 1GB RAM Outperforms 2GB Android

iphone ram vs android

One of the biggest disappointments with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is that it still only has 1 GB RAM, especially when the likes of Samsung put 2 GB or more in their Android smartphones. The thing is, as users have found out, the lack of RAM does not impede on performance in

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Reports of iPhone 6 Outselling iPhone 6 Plus 3 to 1

iphone 6 vs iphone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both released on September 19th and over the course of the launch weekend, Apple’s previous sales records were broken as more than 10 million units sold in just 2 days. Although Apple does not break their sales data down by model, a survey carried out in the

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Disable Read Receipt Blue Ticks on WhatsApp – Android Only

whatsapp_ios7 icon ipad

A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp was updated with a feature that allows users to see when sent messages have been opened. Up until then, a pair of grey ticks showed the message had been sent; now a pair of blue ticks indicates that the recipient has opened the message. Image : Disable Read Receipt Blue

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New iPhone 7 Edge Less Design – End to End Smooth Display

iphone 7 plus small

Shortly after the iPhone 5S and 5C were released, the concept designers came out in force with their visions of what they thought the next flagship from Apple should look like. Many of them were nowhere near the mark and most were just a little ambitious. Image : iPhone 7 Edge Less Design While this year’s

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Sandisk iXpand OTG Pendrive for iPhone 6 Plus


Something new has come on to the market for those who use an iPad, iPhone or iPod. It’s from SanDisk and it’s called the iExpand USB flash drive. It has an integrated lightning connector that allows you to connect the flash drive directly to your device, allowing you to move files that you want to

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US Government Steps in to Warn Against Masque Attack

us govt

Just yesterday, we told you about a vulnerability on iOS devices – the Masque attack. It works by replacing genuine apps with fake ones that can effectively steal your data and, what’s particularly worrying, especially from Apple’s point of view, is that it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. Image : US Government Warn

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iPhone 8 Concept – the iPhone of the Future

iphone 8 picture small

To date, Apple’s fast selling handsets are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. However, it isn’t all glory as some people are not too impressed with some aspects of the design. That’s where the concept designers come in and once such designer has come up with this iPhone – not for now but

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