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Gold iPhone 6 Housing Leaked in Video

iPhone-6-Housing leaked (1)

The last few months have been busy ones in terms of iPhone 6 component leaks and images of the outer shell, not to mention all the rumors about expected features. Today a high-resolution in-depth video has appeared showing off what looks to be the entire housing for the iPhone 6. Image : iPhone 6 Housing

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Water Proof your iPhone using Do-It-Yourself Spray

waterproof-galaxy s4

Waterproof smartphones are the in-thing at the moment – Sony kick-started the craze with the Experia Z range and other major manufacturers, such as Samsung with the Galaxy S5, followed. It’s one thing to buy a smartphone that is already waterproof but the question being asked now is, is it possible to waterproof your own

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How to Prevent iPhone Overheating and Temperature Warnings

iphone overheating problem

How many of you have seen temperature warning on your iPhone, telling you that the device needs to cool off before it can be used? The message appears from out of nowhere and, if you haven’t seen it, try to keep it that way by following a few simple tips. Image : iPhone Over Heat

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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Approved in US


Cellphone unlocking is about to be made legal again thanks to a bill that has passed through senate. In 2013, the Library of Congress voted to overturn a decision that had allowed users to unlock their cellphones, freeing them from their carriers. The decision sparked outrage and resulted in an online petition reaching more than

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iPhone 6 Parts Leaked – SimTray Touch ID Sensor and More


The end of another week brings another round of leaked images of iPhone 6 parts, this time the SIM tray, the Touch ID sensor and other parts. Over the last few months, it has been possible to start putting together what the iPhone 6 might finally look like thanks to the high number of leaked

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5.5″ iPhone 6 Will Not Be Released in September

iphone 6

It has long been expected that Apple will release two iPhone’s in September – one with a display at 4.7” and one at 5.5”. Some time back it was rumored that the larger one would be delayed due to production issues but later reports suggested they had been resolved and Apple was back on track

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First Working iPhone 6 Model Caught on Video

iphone 6 curved screen  (1)

It wasn’t that long ago that we were given a hint of what the iPhone 6 might look like when counterfeiters released a clone. Today a video has appeared showing us exactly how poor that clone is. The video has been uploaded to YouTube by Danny Winget and shows a close up view of the

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UDID Registration for iOS 8 Beta 4 Download & Installation


iOS 8 beta 4 has now been seeded to developers and contains a number of additional features, such as the long-awaited Tips app and the usual round of performance enhancements and bug fixes. It isn’t a big releases but it does show us what iOS 8 is shaping up to look like. Image : iOS

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iPhone of the Future Will Report Its Own Theft


Apple works hard to improve security and reduce the number of thefts of its popular smartphone but, as a recently discovered patent shows, they are not sitting back. Instead, they continue to work towards making the iPhone the safest and most secure smartphone of its time. Image : iPhone will report its own theft The patent

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iPad Mini 3 Gold Version – 3D Rendered Images

ipad mini gold

In a change from the sea of iPhone 6 concepts and renders, the one we have for you today concentrates on other things besides the smartphone. While the iPhone 6 may well be the most anticipated device of the year – and not just amongst current Apple customers – it isn’t going to be the

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How to Add BigBoss Repo Source on Cydia Once Deleted

bigboss_repo_source small

For some people the act of jailbreaking is a simple one. Cydia is installed with all its default repos and it works perfectly. For others though, the story is a different one. There have been a number of people who jailbreak who have found that one of the main default repositories is not there and

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Latest iPhone 6 Rendering based on Recent Leaked Samples


Over the past few months, rumors and leaks about the iPhone 6 have been pretty consistent. Most seem to agree on a number of features, such as the ultra slim form factor with rounded and tapered edges. Based on all of the latest information, Tomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino have come up with a set

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