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How to Replace Siri with Jarvis Sound Effects on iPhone 6

jarvis on siri ios 8

Siri first appeared on the iPhone 4S back in 2011 and, since the, has become highly popular. Every year, with each new iOS update, Siri is given new features, making it more functional and infinitely more useful. One of those updates was the addition of new voices but, apparently, these are not enough for some

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How to Fix iPhone 6 Black Screen – Wont Turn On Issue

iphone_6 black in hand small

Has your iPhone 6 screen gone blank and left you unable to use it?  You may be thinking that you have to take the iPhone back to your nearest Apple store for repair or replacement but that may not be the case. Depending on what caused the screen to go blank, one of these solutions

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Apple Watch Launch Date Worldwide in June – Confirmed

apple watch launch date

On April 24, the Apple Watch took off on the first of its launch dates, opening in the US, China, the UK and Australia, to name just a few. As with every new iOS device, there will be subsequent launches and originally we heard that May 8th was due to be the next one. However,

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Apple Watch Docks – iWatch Table Stand – Charging Station

docks iwatch

After many months of waiting, the Apple Watch is finally here. Despite reports that the Watch would never live up to all the hype surrounding it, preorder sales alone far exceeded expectations and the next few months look to be busy ones for the Cupertino Company as they struggle to keep up with demand. Of

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Top 4 Apple iWatch Cases – Stylish and Sturdy Protection

iwatch case

After a long wait, Apple’s brand new product, the Apple watch is finally here. Stylish and expensive, the last thing you want is for your new Watch to get damaged so we are going to take a look at the latest in a long line of accessories for iOS device – Apple Watch cases. The

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Must Watch Apple iWatch Unboxing Video before you Buy

unboxing iwatch apple

The official launch day for the Apple Watch has come and gone and people are starting to receive their pre-ordered watches. If you haven’t yet ordered an Apple Watch or can’t decide if you want one or not, take a look at what’s in the box first, before you make your mind up. What’s In

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Test Shows Apple iWatch more Waterproof than Anticipated

waterprrof iwatch aple

April 24 is the official day of release for the Apple Watch but, because of the time difference, some consumers in Australia began receiving their Watches yesterday afternoon. We already know that one of the features of the watch is that it is waterproof to a certain extent but FoneFox, a smartphone website, wanted to

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Whats Inside the Apple iWatch

applewatchteardown small

8 months ago, Apple announced their latest product – The Apple Watch. Now, after what seems like forever, the day is finally here – the Apple watch is officially on sale. As with every new iOS device that comes out, the Apple  watch has been subject to a tear down, to see what makes it

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Google Launches its Ambitious Cellular Service – Project Fi

google project fi

For some time now, we have been hearing rumors that Google were looking to launch their own Wi-Fi carrier service in a bid to shake up the market. Today, that service has finally been officially unveiled. There has been a lot of talk about what the service would look like and today we find out

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WhatsApp Voice Calling Now officially available on iPhone 6

free voice call whatsapp

Since being bought by Facebook, WhatsApp has been the subject of a number of controversial decisions, including the addition of a feature that tells a user when their messages have been read. In a bid to remain the top messaging app, WhatsApp has now been updated with another new feature, Voice Calling. This feature is only

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iPhone 5 Gamer Case – Play & Pass Time with Retro Games

groovy case iphone 5s small

When we think of iPhone 5 cases we tend to think firstly about how well it will protect our expensive smartphone, followed by looks and how practical it is.  As a rule, we don’t tend to look for a case that is fun. However, that might be about to change with a range of Retro

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3 Million iWatch Pre Ordered – $2 Billion in Revenue

apple store iwatch shanghai china

In a couple of days, the Apple Watch will finally be released. Pre-ordering began on April 10 and, according to a report based on estimates, the first two weeks after pre-ordering could see the Apple Watch hit sales figures of around 3 million, generating an impressive $2 billion in revenue for the Cupertino Company. The

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