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Apple Soon to Release iOS 7.1.1 IPSW Software Fix

ios-7.1.1 download ipsw

A little over a month ago, Apple released iOS 7.1 for all compatible devices, containing the usual bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Support for CarPlay was also included along with a few refinements to the user interface. Image : iOS 7.1.1 IPSW Firmware Traces Today, we have a report from 9to5Mac that they

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iPhone 6 Silicone Case Leaked

iphone 6 silicone cover colours (6)

Over the past couple of months, the rumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have increased quite significantly. Today, we have leaked images of a silicone case for the new, as yet unannounced, iPhone, which give pretty clear indications of the form factor and size we can expect. Image : iPhone 6 Silicone Case The

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iOS 8 and WWDC 2014 RoundUp with Leaked iPhone 6 Parts


A little while back, Apple officially announced that this year’s WWDC would be held in San Francisco from 2nd to 6th June. As per usual, the conference will more than likely start with a keynote speech from Tim Cook, followed by other executives from the Apple camp. Image : iOS 8 and WWDC 2014 We

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iPhone 6 Battery and Front Panel Surfaced


New photos have been published in Nowhereelse.fr that are claimed to be iPhone 6 batteries shown in a production tray.  Although we cannot confirm the authenticity of these images, the batteries do look similar to those normally found in an iPhone. Image : iPhone 6 Front Panel The publication also points out that metal parts

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iPhone 6 with Large 1080p display Visualized


SET Solutions have produced yet another iOS concept video for us, this time showing the iPhone 6 with a larger display, among other features.  This rendering has a 4.7” display with a 1080p resolution, a very slim design and a bigger 10 megapixel iSight camera. Image : iPhone 6 2014 The design is almost bezel-less,

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3D Rendering of iPhone 6 Seen


Not so long back a set of schematics that were allegedly for the iPhone 6 were published by MacFan, a Japanese publication.  Some of the details looked a little odd, such as the iSight flash being round instead of the normal pill shape. However, many of the other details seemed to match information we had

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New report claims Apple will unveil iWatch in September

iwatch-2013 compass and siri

A new report out from DigiTimes claims that Apple is looking at samples of flexible circuit boards, supplied by Flexium Interconnect. Career Technology and Zhen Ding Technology Holding.  The circuit boards are for the iWatch, which is now thought to be releasing in September. Image : Apple iWatch 2014 The fact that Apple is looking

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Apple Acquires Novauris to Improve SIRI on iOS 8


Sometime in 2013 Apple very stealthily acquired a speech recognition company called Novauris, according to a new report out today.  The report also says that the new team have been tasked with working on Siri, the intelligent voice assistant already present on the newer iOS devices.  Image : iPhone 6 Preparation Going on Apple with

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First Look Google’s Upcoming Modular SmartPhone “ARA”


In October 2013, the ATAP group from Motorola, at that time a Google subsidiary, announced that they had gone into partnership with PhoneBloks. Their goal was to create a smartphone that the customer would build and update, a bit like a set of LEGO. Image : Google Modular Phone ARA It is called Project Ara

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Apple Store Istanbul – Breathtaking Photos


The latest in a long line of Apple Stores opened its doors in Turkey on Saturday April 5th. This is store number 424 for the Cupertino giant and the first ever Apple retail store for Turkey. Image : Apple Store in Istanbul , Turkey Many of Apple’s stores have undergone a redesign, focusing on 100%

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How to Make Free Calls using New Facebook Messenger

facebook calling messenger voice call

Facebook Messenger calls have been available in a select number of countries, such as the USA and Canada, for some time now. In the last couple of days, Facebook has updated Messenger for iOS so that any user can make free phone calls to anywhere in the world, over a Wi-Fi network or across your

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How to Charge Your iPhone From 0 to 100% Full in a Minute

iphone 5s battery small

Battery life is and most likely always will be a huge issue for iPhone users.  Every time a new one is released, coupled with a new iOS firmware, more juice hungry features are added in, making it even more difficult to keep battery levels up. The other issue is, of course, how long it takes

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