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Unlock 4K Video Shooting Capability on iPhone 6 Plus using this App


If you splashed out for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus then you already know how good the camera is. But it isn’t all it could be and a new app from UltraKam takes video recording the furthest it has ever been on an iOS device. While there are a fair number of handycams

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Use Facebook Chat without Downloading Messenger App

facebook messenger ios 8 icon

In July, Facebook chose to split the Messenger feature away from their mobile app, forcing users to download a separate app. At the time, users could still talk to each other via the app, leaving Messenger for convenient IM but in recent times, it has become clear to both iOS and Android users that the

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Gift Wirelessly Charging Kit for iPhone 6 this Christmas

iphone6-qi wireless charging

Did you buy an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and wonder why Apple didn’t go one step further and include support for wireless charging? This technology is not new but only a few manufacturers have included it in their products. The Cupertino Company is choosing not to go down the route of wireless charging at

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How to Find Lost iPhone 6 with No Battery – Power Off State

ios 8 iphone 6 find my iphone low battery

Over the last few years, Apple has included quite a few helpful features with their iOS firmware and now, locating an iOS device that has been stolen or lost is easier than ever. Find my iPhone has always been a good feature but, to work, it needs the device to be switched on. Or, at

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iPhone is Disabled after Incorrect Password Entry Fix

iphone_disabled_screen small

As part of your security efforts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should get into the habit of changing your passcode on a regular basis. That’s all very well but it’s very easy to forget new passcodes and try using your old one by mistake. Several wrong attempts results in iOS barring your from

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How to Remove – Disable Find My iPhone using your PC – Mac

find my iphone 6 icon small

When it comes to mobile security, iOS holds the top spot with both Find my iPhone and Activation Lock. Find my iPhone uses your GPS and your cloud account to help you track your lost or stolen device and Activation Lock stops anyone from wiping it and using it on another account. Great features but

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Apple Expected Releases in Year 2015 – iPhone 6s and More

iwatch release date small

Now that all the excitement is over for this year, many people are watching eagerly to see what Apple produces for 2015. The question is, what can Apple produce to top 2014? This is what we hope to see in the coming year from the Cupertino Company : Image : Apple 2015 Release Sheet Apple

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How to Run WhatsApp on Windows PC and Mac

whatsapp on mac

WhatsApp is the single most popular third party messaging app in use today on mobile devices. Recently bought by Facebook for the princely sum of $19 billion, it is the most downloaded message app with more than 400 million users across the world. If you use an Android mobile device, you can now use WhatsApp

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FBI Digs Up Ancient 1879 Law to Demand Apple Decrypt iPhone’s

decryption law iphone android 1879

It has never been any secret that the FBI doesn’t agree with the way Apple and Google encrypt the information stored in their devices and court documents show just how far they will go to get their hands on your data. The document details two separate cases where the FBI have cited something called The

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Rumour – Apple May Bring 4 inch iPhone 6 Mini in 2015

4-inch-iphone-6 mini

After all this time, Apple finally caved and gave us something they said they would never entertain – large iPhones. And, next year, we can probably expect to see better processors, cameras and other upgrades to the internal specs. With the new iPhones a couple of months old now, the rumor mill has started grinding

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Easy Fix iPhone “Cable or Accessory is Not Certified” Error

iphone cable

Anyone who has ever owned an iOS device has more than likely come across the cable or accessory not certified message. Normally, it would mean that you were trying to charge your iPhone with something other than a genuine Apple charger [Read : How to Identify Fake Apple Cables & Chargers] but, since iOS 7,

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Apple’s New Patent to Block Your iPhone from Filming at “Sensitive Events”


Another day and another Apple patent is given the green light. This time, it’s for a technology that allows the user of the technology to disable certain features of Wi-Fi devices from videoing or taking photographs and/or sending them on to other people. Image : iPhone User Taking pictures and videos in an Event People

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