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Download Activator on iOS 8.3 Cydia

If you are a jailbreaker, then you already know that you cannot live without Activator. And you will be more than happy to know that your staple jailbreak tweakRead more

BackUp Cydia iOS 8 Repo’s for Upcoming iOS 9 Jailbreak

If you are one of those people who uses third party repositories as well as the default ones in Cydia, a new jailbreak tweak might be of some interest to you. CRead more

Get iOS 9 Like “Power Saver Mode” on iOS 8 with Cydia App

iOS is a really thoroughbred OS, combining stock capabilities and adopting jailbreak tweaks into the stock OS to fill it with really useful and exciting featureRead more

iOS 8.4 Releasing Jun 30 – Jailbreak iOS 8.3 before its Gone

iOS releases are very important events for all the die-hard iOS fans and any news about an upcoming iOS release brings relief to them. The last public firmwareRead more

Charge iPhone without Electricity using Portable Batteries

iphone battery charge

Are you looking for a way of charging your iPhone 5 on the go ? Not got access to an electricity outlet ? Not a problem. Below we look at 5 different portable battery packs that you can use to charge your iPhone 6 and other iOS devices without using electricity . Anker 2nd Gen Astro

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How To Downgrade iTunes 12.1 to 12.0.1 – Full Tutorial

itunes downgrade tutorial

If you are a long-time jailbreaker, then it is very likely that you have experienced many hiccups in the jailbreaks over the years of your jailbreaking. Like all the software hacks, jailbreaking is still actually risky in many respects. While numerous apps and tweaks can make your overall iOS experience richer, unforeseen issues like bugs

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Make Bootable USB Installer PenDrive for OSX EL Capitan

osx el capitan usb installer

Many Mac users are excited to try their hands on the new OS X El Capitan which Apple unveiled recently. Many of us wish to get a bootable install drive for this OS, so that it can be re-installed as many times as desired. Technically, a boot installer can be created out of any USB

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How to Bypass iCloud Lock from iPhone

bypass icloud activation screen small

Many people face the iCloud Lock when they buy a used iPhone. The same thing happens with those who buy an iPhone in a different country because of the lower price and then try using it in their own country. Well, good news! Now it is possible to bypass the iCloud activation lock easily. There

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Top 4 iPhone 6 Mobile Cellular Data Usage Tracker Apps

onavo data manager small

Are you forever worrying about going over your monthly data plan and incurring huge charges each month ? What you need is an app that accurately tracks your data usage and tells you when you are reaching your limits.  There is a default setting on the iPhone that lets you see how much cellular and

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7 Must Have Travel Gadgets for iPhone 6 Users

must have iphone 6 gadgets

Travelling is one of the most pleasant things in life, where you are supposed to stay away from the humdrum of the regular life and not stick to your mobile phones and other gadgets. But most of us will agree with the fact that some gadgets do help us out during our outings and hence are

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Worlds Thinnest iPhone 6 – 6 Plus Case is Here

iphoen 6 case super slim

iPhone has been an epitome of beautiful technology right from the beginning. And with beauty comes the care for it, and it is a regular argument whether a case should be used to cover and protect your iPhone or whether it should be left as it is to flaunt its smooth luxurious design. iPhone users have

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How to Fresh Install EL Capitan on Mac – New Install


Apple unveiled the much-awaited OS X El Capitan alongside iOS 9 at the WWDC 2015 a few days back. Apple stated that this OS comes with great improvements. Reportedly, the performance has improved significantly and the Spotlight search has become better and more intelligent. The multi-window management has got improvements too and the Notes app

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How to Add a Phone Dialer to iOS 8 Notification Centre

yobu app iphone 60

iOS 7 and iOS 8 brought with them a number of new features that have been the basis for several new types of app and new ideas for old features. Although Apple is very restricting when it comes to what you can do with your iPhone, there are a number of useful apps in iTunes that

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Apple’s OSX El Capitan to Replace Yosemite – New Features


Mac OS X EI Capitan has been announced in WWDC 2015 on June 8th . It is the latest offering from Apple in the OSX segment that constitutes the Mac environment apart from iOS that is the mobile segment . EL Capitan’s  release date, features as well as the other related details is all given below.

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How to Reboot Frozen Mac OSX – iMac Macbook Mac Mini

fix prozen mac small

The Mac is known for being one of the most stable computers and, together with OS X, suffer from far less crashing and freeing issues than any other. However, occasionally the Mac will become completely frozen and there is only one sure-fire way to regain control. How to Force Restart A Frozen Mac : Some

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How to Remove – Change Group Admin on WhatsApp

whatsapp groupchat

WhatsApp is currently one of the top most messaging service which comes under the category of instant messaging. WhatsApp offer many features like voice calling, private chat, group chat, broadcasts etc. One of the best feature of this app is that it allows group chat which means you can talk to your all friends at

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