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Why You Should Update to iOS 7.1.1

webkit_framework ios 7.1.1 iphone 5s

Yesterday, as we expected, Apple released iOS 7.1.1 to the general public. Rather than being a full-on feature-packed update, this is more of a minor one, mainly related to security issues as well as fixes for a couple of other problems, including keyboard lag, using a Bluetooth keyboard with Voice-Over enabled and some improvement to

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iOS 7 Based iWatch Concept – Best of 2014


After a couple of years of rumor and speculation, it is looking more and more likely that the iWatch will finally be launched later on in 2014. The smartwatch market is becoming more and more popular, with companies such as Motorola and Samsung joining in with their wearable tech offerings. Image : iOS 7 based

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Leaked Photo of iPhone 6 Mold Confirms 4.7″ Display


Some time ago, rumors started to appear that the next iPhone would have a larger screen, 4.7” to be precise. Every day, more and more rumors and leaks come out that seem to corroborate this and today we have images of what are reported to be an iPhone 6 mold. Image : iPhone 6 Aluminium

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How to Type Faster on iPhone and iPad – iOS 7 Tricks

ios 8 keyboard ios 7

The keyboard on a smartphone can take some getting used to, especially if you are used to using a full size physical keyboard. Whether you are a complete newcomer or an old-hand, there are ways in which you can speed up your typing and make fewer mistakes.  Here are a few tricks you can use

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iPhone 6 Mockups Based On Leaked Info

iphone 6 - iphone 6c ios 8 (2)

The next big thing from Apple, in terms of hardware, will be the iPhone 6, expected to be released in September/October time, alongside iOS 8. The last few weeks have seen a lot of leaked images, including case moldings, batteries, front panels and schematics, all of which seem to confirm the rumor of a large

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iWatch running iOS 8 based on Google’s Latest Moto-360

moto 360 iwatch

A short while back Google announced their Android Wear OS, optimized for smartwatches and now, in response, it looks like we will finally see Apple’s answer to wearable tech. Right now, we don’t have any real information as to the form factor of the device, dubbed the iWatch for now, but it was revealed that

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iPhone 6 Predictions and Release Date


KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, is renowned for being pretty accurate when it comes to Apple predictions and he has now released a research note outlining what he thinks is in store for this year, in particular, the iPhone 6. He says that he believes : Image : iPhone 6C concept design iPhone 6 Expected Features

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How to Protect Your iPhone from New Unflod Malware

ios 8 scam

Jailbreaking is undeniably a much sought after form of freedom from the chains that Apple binds us in but we have all had it drummed in to us, by Apple themselves and by others, that jailbreaking is a dodgy business. They have all told us that, by hacking in to the iOS system, you are

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iWatch with iOS 8 to have an Expensive Price-tag

Moto360 iwatch

A report that came out last week indicates that the iWatch could end up costing thousands of dollars. As with anything that Apple produces, it will be a high-end device but, with a price tag in the thousands, it isn’t likely to attract that many customers. Image : iWatch with iOS 8 However, the same

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How to Get Depth of Field – DOF Blur Effect on Android Phone

dof iphone camera icon

If you have an Android device that is on KitKat 4.4 or above and want to make a bit more out of the camera, have a look at Google’s new Camera App . As has happened quite a bit in the past with the Google camera app, it gives the user interface an overhaul and

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Samsung Took Advantage of Job’s Death to Attack Apple


The battle between Apple and Samsung is nothing new. It has been going on for years, both in and out of the courtroom. For a little while though, the non-legal fighting seemed to stop, as Samsung let Google take over with mocking Apple though its ads. However, the current court case between the two giants

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Apple Soon to Release iOS 7.1.1 IPSW Software Fix

ios-7.1.1 download ipsw

A little over a month ago, Apple released iOS 7.1 for all compatible devices, containing the usual bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Support for CarPlay was also included along with a few refinements to the user interface. Image : iOS 7.1.1 IPSW Firmware Traces Today, we have a report from 9to5Mac that they

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