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Apple Patents 3D Virtual Keyboard and Projection System

oculus-rift-iphone apple

In November 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense and, as a result has now filed a patent application for a virtual 3D keyboard, one that uses a Kinect style of 3D camera system. The patent is titled “Virtual Keyboard for a Non-Tactile Three Dimensional User Interface,” and it discusses a system of using a 3D camera or other

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Apple Aiming Car Production by 2020 – Report

apple car icar (5)

In recent weeks, as if all the news about the upcoming iOS 8 releases weren’t enough, there has been another rumor doing the rounds – one that says Apple is working on an electric car, one that could even have self-drive capabilities. Now a report that comes from Bloomberg says that the Cupertino Company is

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Gold iWatch to Cost $5000 – To Ship with 100,000+ Apps

apple-watch-gold apple

The Apple watch is going to start shipping in April and, so far, we don’t have too many details on it, especially on the pricing. We know that the base model will start at $349 but not how much the other end of the spectrum, the 18-karat gold model will cost. That hasn’t stopped the

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New Facebook Messenger 2.2 Lets You Share from Anywhere

facebook messenger ios 8 icon

iOS 8 has now been out for 5 months and is already iOS 8.1. By the looks of things, there is much more to come with iOS 8.2 and 8.3 in beta and iOS 8.4 rumored to be in testing as well. With so many updates, there are more opportunities for apps to bring out

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Download Google Earth Pro $399 Pack Absolutely Free

google earth pro free

Google Earth is one of the most powerful tools available for seeing the world from the comfort of your own home. The basic version of Google Earth is free but there is a Pro version that has been around for some time now. Normally only available to business users, it costs $399 to buy and

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Turn Your iPhone 6 Into a Powerful Laser Pointer With iPin

ipin laser

While it’s nothing new to use our iPhones and iPads as a remote control for a presentation, what we can’t do with it is use it as a laser pointer. However, that could be about to change with a new Indiegogo crowd fund project called iPin. This isn’t a new idea by any means; Samsung

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iPad Helps Couple Survive In Plane Crash

Piper PA-24-250 crash land ipad

Most people who own an iPad use it for playing games, surfing the net or watching videos, even work to a certain degree, but one couple had quite a different use for theirs. They used their iPad to help them fly and crash land their plane after a failure of all electrical systems on board

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iPhone 6 Case that Double Signal Strength and Battery Life

iphone 6 signal booster

Every year, the accessories market grows, especially when new smartphones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus appear. As smartphones evolve, so do the cases that manufacturers provide for them and, with the expense we have to pay for our latest handsets, we are now looking for better cases, especially those that can

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Find How to Much Data Used by Facetime Calls on iOS 8

Facetime-for-ios 8 small

While unlimited data plans used to be all the rage, they are no longer offered, although some people are grandfathered into their existing plan. Most people now have a cap on their data usage, which means they have to be a little more careful on how much is being used and on what. FaceTime is

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Top iPhone 6 Travel Apps for the World Traveller in 2015


Getting away from it all sounds wonderful but, in reality, planning a trip, be it a holiday or a business trip, can be a real headache. Not only do you have to think about booking flights, hotels and car hire, you also have to think about your expenses and plan each day so nothing goes

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WhatsApp Rolling Out Voice Calling Feature to Users

free voice call whatsapp

Back in December, we reported that WhatsApp voice calling would soon be a new feature on the popular message app, allowing users to make free voice calls similar to Skype, Viber and a number of other apps. A few weeks back, they started rolling out their new Web client, which meant users could mirror WhatsApp

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How to Add BigBoss Repo Source on Cydia Once Deleted

bigboss repo3

For some people the act of jailbreaking is a simple one. Cydia is installed with all its default repos and it works perfectly. For others though, the story is a different one. There have been a number of people who jailbreak who have found that one of the main default repositories is not there and

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